Sunday, April 30, 2017

kindergarten program.

how on earth did we get here?

an end of year kindergarten program? for my oldest child? how? i thought all of these things on friday morning when i woke up, knowing today was that day. this past school year has flown! i found myself getting super emotional as i watched this big girl sing loud and proud at her end of year program. i don't think my heart can handle her going to school all day next year. i really don't. luckily, she is so so excited about that so hopefully that'll ease the pain for me.

(can you spot her?!)

she has loved her teacher, mrs. holbrook, and has loved her class. she was devastated to find out that they won't all be moving on to first grade together. i'm sure by september, she'll be very excited about meeting new friends and learning from a new teacher.

her little sisters think she's the best and i know they'll always be in her cheering section!

they really and truly love each other and seeing them together like this makes my heart explode!

she was lucky enough to have her nana & papa, and her aunt toria there. even more lucky than that, is that they just moved into their house down the street from us. she couldn't be more thrilled about it and asks to see them every. day. 

because she did so well in her program and kendall is killing the potty training, the girls thought they deserved donuts. so, in the snow, we made the trek to the store to get donuts and then settled in for the rest of the drizzly day with movies and a painting party. they loved it. and so did i.

this day caused me to stop and do some serious reflecting. we're almost six years into raising our children. are we doing it right? what needs to change? what are my hopes and dreams for them? what do i want this little family of mine to look like in ten years? is everyone happy to be in this little family? how can i be a better mother? all those big questions that are so important to me that i revisit often. i have big big hopes and dreams for this little girl crew of mine, and whoever else comes along in the future, and i want to be doing things right and to the best of my ability right now. i have a very tender mama heart and i know these years are going to keep flying right past me and i've got to grab on and make them the best that i possibly can! we're in the thick of it. it's game time and i'm so lucky to have this little team! 

and right now, i'm so super proud to be this cute little kindergartener's mom. i couldn't be more proud!

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