Saturday, April 29, 2017

adventures in potty training.

i've dreaded this motherly duty since the first day i started potty training brooklyn and i was pregnant with kendall. i knew with every child i had, this came as part of the territory. i jump in feet first when we decide it's time and it is quite a couple of days. i will say this time wasn't nearly as bad. i wasn't in tears at any point. i call that success!

we prepare for the fun (ha ha) by letting the child pick out drinks and treats. in kendall's case, she chose blue squeeze its and an olaf drink, and suckers, licorice, and kit kats. day one a timer goes off every ten minutes, sometimes 7, sometimes 5. it's killer and makes for a veeeeeeeeeery long day. she had 5 accidents day one and 1 accident on day two. however, i will say that i think the more the accidents they have, the faster they learn. it helps them learn what it feels like. so, who knows how long it'll be until she's actually 'potty trained'.

mom's treats...

she always apologizes really sweetly when she has an accident, which tends to happen most often when she's outside. way too distracting the outdoors are! i've been really proud of her and we've been able to run errands without any problems. the only accident she's had in public was during a photoshoot we were doing for a friend of mine. i had extra undies which was a miracle and i'm hoping that'll be the last 'out in public' accident we have.

kendall kate, mommy loves you even through this difficult little stage of life. i'm so proud of how well you're getting this potty training thing down. you are a smart girl and just so dang cute! i love you tons and tons!

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