Saturday, March 25, 2017

st. patrick's day.

having brooklyn in school this year has really heightened her excitement for the holidays (if that's even possible!) and st. patrick's day was no exception. she could NOT WAIT for her daddy to get home to have him help her build a trap to catch the leprechaun. james was more than happy to help her and totally got into it! she was in heaven. kendall loved pretending to help.

they ended up with a box held up by string, attached to our living room light that would fall on the leprechaun when he tried to steal the gold aka rocks painted gold. they were just reeling when they went to bed.

james woke them up the next morning, while videoing them, to show them that they'd caught the leprechaun, but that he'd gotten out of the trap. it's the cutest video! they were so excited to wake me up and tell me.

we celebrated the way we always do, with rainbow pancakes. 

the night before, we painted our nails shades of green and gold. we wore green and got green donuts from the bakery for later.

and that's how we celebrated. nothing fancy but the girls loved it!

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