Thursday, March 23, 2017

disneyland 2017.

it has almost been a month since we left "the happiest place on earth!" so i guess it's time i blog about it...

the girls and i left james a couple days early so that we could cheer on the lady braves at the state tournament. that meant i was packing for a few extra days and preparing myself mentally to handle the #rueschgirlcrew without him. the night before we left i made sure to make a yummy hot homemade meal. cause eating out for almost literally a week tends to get old fast! 

packing was crazy but so fun! i loved pulling out all of the things we saved from our attempt at disneyland last year (have no idea what i'm talking about? read this post here!). sorting little trinkets into princess backpacks and literally just crawling with excitement for the fun days ahead!

we got to spend some good quality time with my family down at the tournament, and dev and kenz even surprised us and showed up! i cried. it was the best surprise ever! we got to watch games together, and even had one big family dinner the last day. my girls loved swimming at the hotel, playing with cousins, and just being out doing something other than the regular day to day stuff. i'm so glad it worked out that we were able to go!

we left richfield saturday evening with plans to drive through the night to california. buuuut, once we hit st. george, adalyn was done being in her car seat and james and i were exhausted! so after a nice long walk around target, we booked a hotel and were asleep by 10:30. we woke up early the next morning, had breakfast, and then got ready to go to church. we hurried back to the hotel to change and then get on the road! the girls were so good and we only stopped twice before we checked into our hotel. The best hotel! Little plug here: the Park Vue Inn is seriously the best! we stayed there last year and got a discount for being returning costumers. they have a delicious breakfast, a warm pool, laundry facilities, nice rooms, and best of all, it's literally across the street from the park! i highly recommend it!

after we got settled, we put jackets on, and went to dowtown disney for dinner and to explore a little bit. we walked to the very end and ate at earl of sandwich. brooklyn had a delicious mac and cheese, kendall had the pizza bread that was so good, and james and i split a bbq sandwich that was bomb! after we were full, we headed back the way we came to just stroll. we came upon a disco dj who was taking requests from kids and had a little dance floor set up for them. my girls were in heaven! they danced to disney songs and the like.

*excuse all of the low quality phone pictures. we took our nice camera and pulled it out twice!

the next day we all woke up so excited and couldn't eat fast enough or get ready fast enough and get over to the park! waiting in line to get in was not the girls' favorite part. i multi-tasked and nursed adalyn in line and she fell asleep. it was great! 

once we got in we rode several rides quickly and the girls couldn't get enough!

we ran into merida and the girls got a kick out of learning how to 'speak bear' and getting to give her a big hug.

we rode the teacups (which kendall claims was her very favorite!) and headed for dumbo when the rain started. it started and didn't let up! i was worried it was going to rain all day.

after we rode a couple more rides, we decided to head back over to our hotel to eat lunch, let the girls nap, and throw our socks and jackets in the dryer. it was a nice little break and then we were back out the door and back to the park with warm clothes and the rain had totally stopped!

we celebrated by treating ourselves to some beignets! the best in all the land! brooklyn and kendall loved them too!

then it was more rides for the rest of the day. with a little dole whip, and diet coke in between.

the girls also got to learn a dance with moana! they were completely star struck and also still talk about that!

the girls were so excited to go to minnie's house and then to actually meet her! they though it was the best!

then we found a good spot for the electric parade, parked the stroller, and james went to get us dinner. we feasted on a turkey leg, corn on the cob, and drink. it fed our little family perfectly! kendall get every last piece of corn off the cob!

i highly recommend this parade. it was so fun! brooklyn was shaking with excitement the whole time and she loved getting to see favorite characters that aren't super common in the park. including pete's dragon! we own the old version and the girls were ecstatic to see him in the parade, blowing smoke out of his nose nonetheless. they also loved seeing snow white and the seven dwarfs, peter pan/captain hook/smee/tinkerbell, and alice in wonderland.

we left the park so tired but so excited for the next day!

brooklyn and kendall were even more excited the second day because now they knew what to expect and they couldn't wait to get on some more rides. the sun was shining and it was a beautiful day. we started in california adventure and eventually made our way back over to disneyland.

we were the first ones on the little mermaid ride and hopped right back on for a second time. the girls still talk about this ride!

adalyn really was such a good baby the whole trip! she was happy and just loved being able to watch people and taste some yummy treats!

meeting mickey was a highlight for brooklyn! kendall opted for a nap in the stroller.

another delicious treat we had was bacon mac and cheese in a pretzel cone. it was gooood!

this was a highlight for james and me, watching brooklyn and kendall dance in the street in car's land. at one point, kendall lost brooklyn and started to cry. james and i were too far away to do much, but pretty quickly, brooklyn found her and kendall's face just beamed! 

we rode rides and then went to see the live frozen show. i would not recommend this for babies. ha! it was longer than we thought. i'd love to go back and see this again without a baby on my lap. it was incredible!

we walked back over to downtown disney for dinner again because kendall couldn't stop talking about the pizza bread. we obliged because we wanted to try another flavor of sandwich and it didn't disappoint!

on our way back over to disneyland we stopped for some more beignets because we couldn't leave disneyland without one more bag! we also had to get a wetzel's pretzel. we camped out in front of sleeping beauty's castle to finish our treats and let the girls run around for a little bit. james and i started to get a little sad because the park was about to close. we had the best time with our little family. everyone was happy, we all got along, and we made so many good memories! we asked a nice stranger to take our picture in front of the castle and i'm so glad he snapped this one below. though i wish i were smiling. it was nice to see us how others saw us. this picture makes me happy because i honestly still can't believe i have three girls. three!!! my heart just bursts when i really think about it. and taking little girls to disneyland is seriously the best!

until next time disneyland...

thank you for the beignets.
thank you for the rides.
thank you for the fun.
thank you for the memories.
thank you for the best little vacation ever! (james' words)

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