Monday, April 17, 2017

easter 2017.

easter weekend is one i've always looked forward to! when i was a young girl, i looked forward to the egg dying, a new outfit, and i loved wearing my new easter dress to church! so i feel a little pressure to make it good for my girls, but also to teach them the reason why we celebrate this weekend. 

one of the ways i did that this year was through the book, the tale of the three trees. oh my gosh! such a powerful book! i broke down reading it to my little family saturday morning. brooklyn got it in her easter basket and i hope it's one that will be cherished in our home.

we dyed eggs friday night in preparation of peter cottontail's arrival, and brooklyn set up an egg hunt just for kendall!

that night, james and i stayed up putting the girls' easter baskets together. I LOVE THIS PART! i get a kick out of it! tying ribbons to their baskets, finding fun little things to add to the candy in the eggs. it's just so fun!

saturday morning the girls oohed and aahed over their baskets and then we all got ready to head to an egg hunt. we met up with j&c and tori there and we all headed across the street for brunch. we left sticky and full. 

james and i had a few things we wanted to check off our list, including getting our vegetable patch ready for some more veggies to be planted. i can't tell you how excited i am about this! he mowed the lawn, we pulled loads of weeds, and we even got the girls' fairy garden started. they were thrilled! james went over to help at his parents' house, and brooklyn decided a backyard picnic was in order for lunch. she set it all up herself and we had the best time just eating in the sunshine.

after all the yard work was done, we loaded up the van and headed to my parents'. we had dinner and then did some more egg dying. i don't think my girls could ever get sick of it!

sunday was church, where i literally walked the halls with adalyn the entire sacrament meeting, a glorious nap for me, and then a delicious dinner of ham, cheesy potatoes, orange rolls, and strawberry shortcake trifle for dessert!

afterwards was a fun little egg hunt. uncle judd hid all the eggs and the kids loved finding all the 'hard ones'. then we did our traditional egg roll down the hill. it's always a riot! the kids love it! 

(the money egg!)

it was such a great weekend. a good balance between work and play. a time to reflect on our Savior's love and set our minds to do better and be better.

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