Thursday, February 2, 2017

jam packed

this week has been jam packed! i feel like i'm crawling to friday and friday evening's finish line feels miles away. buuuuut, i'm so happy that february is here and along with my jam packed week were some productive and fun things.

first up, a little valentine exchange with friends for our hubbies. aren't they lucky?! this is the second time we've done this and i think the husbands really enjoy it. we enjoy it because it's a great excuse for a girls' night!

monday was one of those days where i woke up and really didn't want to do a darn thing. it is laundry day around here and i figured if that got accomplished, i could call it a successful day. then one thing led to another, and before i knew it, i was knee deep in bins and girls' clothes. i decided to go through and orgnize/sort/put away/d.i. all three of the girls' clothes and it was no easy task. however, what a trip down memory lane to pull out brooklyn's stuff for kendall, and kendall's stuff for adalyn! most exciting of all was pulling out summer stuff, including swimsuits! we're heading to hawaii at the end of march and i can't wait to put those hand-me-down suits on the girls! 

and the reward of a daunting task like that is always nice clean, and organized drawers!

i was greeted with this beauty tuesday afternoon for lunch! it totally made my day!!!

wednesday was parent teacher conference for brooklyn, but beforehand, i got to bake cookies and deliver them to the ladies i visit teach with my cute partner. we visited and dropped off cookies, and i'd call that a nice time for sure! plus, my girls were happy to have some extra cookies at home.

today was an adventure that i'll never ever do again, so when my cute friend dropped this off for lunch i was more than thrilled! 

and here's why:

this is a picture of kendall, in a cart, at a winco, at the checkout.

this was not just any winco. this was the layton winco who had their grand opening today. a grand opening that attracted thousands of people. We're talking, I couldn't find parking any where in the vacinity. But I couldn't just turn around and go home. No. We woke up with no milk in our house. That's a huge problem at breakfast time. Huge. So, I knew there was a huge sale at WinCo, and I knew milk was a great deal. So I got the girls ready as quickly as I could and we were out the door at 9:15. So I had hungry girls that needed food now. I found a stray bag of goldfish for them to share, gave them some sips of my DC and called it good. We finally found parking and hurried toward the store. They were giving out free loaves of bread and boxes of jelly filled donuts. One of my true loves! So this was good. Then, we get into the store and they're out of carts. I have three kids with me. No carts??? Ugh. So, we headed back out to the van. One so the girls could warm up. It was snowing, did I mention that it was snowing?. So while they're getting warm, I'm scouting out a cart. I finally get one and we get into the store.

Holy crowded! So, I forged through as fast as I could. Throwing things in my cart. I made my way to the back of the store for the ever precious milk we went for any found the end of the line to checkout. Yes, the line went all the way to the back of the store. We were in it for the long haul. 

Adalyn fell asleep and the other two were sooooo good. Like good. People around us were shocked at how well they handled standing in line for AN HOUR. like to minutes longer than an hour. You better believe I bought them a big fat treat at checkout. 

We got out of there as fast as we could. I kissed all my girls faces the whole way out to the van (in the snow). I was proud of them and so happy to be outta there. Brooklyn ended up being twenty minutes late for school, but we survived that ordeal. I will never again be going to a grand opening of any store. Never. 

And now I'm ready for Friday so hard! 

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