Sunday, January 29, 2017

flying solo.

 i hate to say it... but i'm ready for winter to be over!

we got dumped on over and over again (as i'm sure a lot of you did too) in the last two weeks and having to shovel a really long driveway every. single. day. was getting to me. it was great exercise, and i'm grateful for that. but man, snow snow go away! i was so grateful to wake up to blue skies on friday. it felt so good! these winters always make me super excited for spring that is literally just around the corner. though this year, i think it's around the corner and down the hall.

i lucked out again with two yummy delicious salads delivered by friends. you guys, i never want salad swap to end! i will sing its' praises to the end of time!

but, as much as i love these salads, my favorite lunch this week was the one brooklyn surprised me with on wednesday. she's always trying to think up good deeds or other ways she can help me or surprise me. i loved this and you bet i ate that (albeit dry) sandwich of bread and shredded cheese.

for about a month now, i will often find the girls all together like this, either playing, or just being next to each other. i finally caught it on camera! 

on that particular day, kendall was allowing brooklyn to try a 'new hairstyle' on her and adalyn loved observing and grabbing the brush whenever brooklyn set it down. it felt like a glimpse into my very near future of sister make-up & hair style swaps! i loved it.

and speaking of sisters... this week we got a fun package from my in-laws for the girls. it was their valentine package and when i opened it up and saw what was written on matching shirts for the girls, i got all teary eyed. they say: sisters make the best friends. it couldn't be more true! i have 6 sisters and i am so lucky to call them all friends. brooklyn couldn't wait for them all to wear them so of course, we had to do a little photo shoot. i pray i pray i pray these three (and whoever else comes along) will all be best friends!

friday evening, james kissed us all goodbye and headed to rock springs with his brother for a guys' weekend. i wasn't sure how well i'd handle the crew all by my lonesome until sunday, but i did it, and we had a very enjoyable time! we shopped, ate donuts, tried on clothes, had dance parties, read lots of stories together, and i even got a movie night all to myself because they were all in bed at a decent hour. we were very happy to see that daddy/husband sunday morning just in time to head to church with us. i realized as soon as he was back that i felt like i'd run a marathon. between trying to entertain the girls, make food, bath them, dress them, do their hair, put on socks and shoes, load them into the van, and out of the van, and keep the house in order, i was tiiiiiired.

so after church and lunch, i took a nice long nap with my smallest. she loves being a baby and all the good things that come with it: being snuggled, napping, and having her mom carry her around wherever she goes.

it was a great weekend. mostly to know that i can actually handle my girls alone for more than a day and that it can be fun! but there's nothin' better than having all of us under one roof, healthy and happy. there is so much to be grateful for, and so much to look forward to. i have no complaints and i'm ready to start another week!


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