Monday, January 23, 2017

date night + the weekend

james got off work earlier than usual on friday so as soon as he got home, we bolted for the door and headed out to eat dinner as a family. we hit up the girls' favorite pizza place and then out to do a little shopping. they stuffed their faces like we'd hoped and then we ran them ragged while we shopped. as luck would have it, they were exhausted and willing to watch a movie in their room when we got home so that we could watch not-a-cartoon to end the night. we woke up to gobs and gobs of snow saturday morning. we celebrated with donuts! and the girls were ecstatic and wanted to get out there asap. luckily, i had a little bribe for them (mostly brooklyn) that got their room clean and bed made. a babysitter! seriously, it works wonders to bribe them with good behavior and chores done before the babysitter comes.

they anxiously awaited her arrival all day. besides it being awesome to be able to go out and have a delicious dinner without kids, getting a babysitter also kicks me into serious high gear as far as getting my house clean and put together. i'm not kidding! i got a to-do list a mile long done due to knowing a babysitter was coming. i got things done that have been driving me crazy for months! we're talking, pulling out all of the cleaning supplies under my kitchen sink and wiping the whole cupboard down. stuff like that. so had there been a catastrophe and date night got canceled... totally worth it for a clean, organized house! 

the babysitter ended up being great (my girls were devastated when she left)! dinner (and dessert) was delicious! and then james and i got to sit down and watch one of my favorite chick flicks when the girls went to bed. such a good end to a crazy busy day full of cleaning and shoveling snow. while we were browsing movies to watch, i noticed that a ton of my all time fave chick flicks are on netflix, amazon prime, and the like. so, with a totally willing husband on board, we're going to watch them alllll and cross them off up until valentine's day! ahhh! almost nothing makes me more happy than a good chick flick...

except for maaaaybe a hot out of the oven chocolate chip cookie!

which i made because we'd literally been stuck in the house all day. we all have colds and only went to sacrament meeting as to not spread our lovely germs and spent all of our waking hours cooped up in the house. don't get me wrong, i mostly love this. the girls were just definitely getting a little stir crazy. so james got them into a rousing game of hide and seek while i whipped up the cookies and then we ate them, talked to james' parents in hawaii, and then sent kids to bed. 

we had a chick flick to watch!

and cookies to eat...

happy m o n d a y !

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