Friday, January 20, 2017

friday recap

(she'll be 8 months next week!!!)

happy friday! and hopefully yours is going more quickly than mine. is it five o'clock yet?!

in all seriousness, i'm so excited to share something my friends and i just started doing! i saw a little video from studio 5 about a salad swap and i totally roped my friends into doing it! we each choose a day, make up 8 salads (that includes ourselves), and drop them off around lunch time to everyone in the salad swap. it's the best thing ever! because seriously, eating what my kids eat every day for lunch isn't my favorite. so this has totally spiced up lunch a little bit and it's been so nice to do in such a cold drab month like january. so if you're even thinking this sounds like something you want to do, DO IT! do it at work, in your neighborhood, send around a sign up in relief society! a salad once or twice a week at your door step is da bomb!

i went first, ya know, since i started it and all. i went really simple with my salad and did chicken and lots of veggies, some cheese, and sunflower seeds. the dressing i chose was the brianna's rich poppy seed.

my sister in law chelsea did a southwest salad that was hearty and so good!

yesterday's salad was a strawberry spinach salad that was delish! look at that!

and while i'm on the topic of food... my in laws have introduced us to the best oatmeal on the planet! coach's oats. they get it at their local costco in hawaii for a dang good deal. none of the costcos around me carry it, but you can buy it on amazon. it's really the best. we love it with a little brown sugar and topped with slivered almonds!

brooklyn has entered the wonderful world of spelling tests! i've been so proud of her! definitely fridge worthy.

this past week i started shortening kendall's naps. she's been my best sleeper hands down! but she likes to take a good long nap during the day and it makes for a really late night and bedtime fights with her. she didn't like being awakened the first day, but she's been a pretty good sport about it since. it just really makes bedtime for her so much easier!

this morning, i turned on the presidential inauguration and had my girls sit down to at least watch the tabernacle choir's number and for the national anthem. i don't care who is president. i want my girls to be patriotic, proud of their country, and upstanding citizens. they can make their own little corner of this country great. i talked to them a little about that today, mostly brooklyn really, but i think it's important they know that their happiness is not in the hands of others. they can do great things because they want to! brooklyn had lots of questions and it was nice to have a good conversation about those kind of things with her. and my heart swelled with pride to watch them with their little hands over their hearts during the national anthem. our country is great and we are so lucky to live here!

this weekend we're looking forward to some cleaning (ya right!), possibly some taxes, a date night, church, and hopefully some good food in between all of it!

happy weekending!

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