Monday, February 6, 2017

grandparent valentine's + daddy/daughter princess ball + the weekend

our weekend started off well and ended with food poisoning. ugh. just for me though thank heavens. if the girls and james had it, i don't think i'd be living to tell the tale. i've never had food poisoning and honestly, i'd rather die than have it again. one miserable night of stomach cramps and puking is way too much for me. not to mention the lack of sleep. luckily i had the office and my trusty rice bag to take the edge off a little tiny bit.

but the rest of our weekend was a good one! the girls started friday off by making our traditional grandparent valentine's. they love this and totally get into it! they, mostly brooklyn, love picking out the cards and stickers and want to do it the second we get home from the store. this year they had to wait two weeks which was pure torture! but you should have heard the squeals when i announced friday morning that GRANDPARENT VALENTINE'S was on the agenda for the day.

kendall took it very seriously this year. when it was her turn with a card, she covered every square inch with crayon and then added fifty stickers for good measure. it wasn't good enough until she deemed it so. grandparents, know that she made hers with the fiercest of love!

and maybe with a little too much love. the cards that brooklyn started with first were covered up a little too much by her little sister's artwork and it she wasn't thrilled. next year we may have to do separate ones because kendall just can't contain her art! i'm not posting too many close ups or the grandparents' surprise will be ruined. just know that when they were all said and done they were quite the creations!

adalyn woke up just in time to watch the envelopes be sealed up and we were off to the post office.

kids get a kick out of the simplest things! like mailing letters at the post office. it cracked me up how excited they were! and brooklyn could not be convinced that only packages went in 'the big metal thing'. so i gave up and let them put the envelopes in there. i'm sure the postal workers were thrilled with this. ha! then we hurried out to the van to hear james put in a good word for the heart fair (his big project this year!) on the radio. the girls thought it was so cool to hear their daddy talking on the radio. he did a great job and made us so proud!

then, i got home and had a delicious salad brought to my door!

that night was an event brooklyn's been waiting all year for! the daddy/daughter princess ball. she's been talking about it forever and she was so excited the night was finally here! i tried to keep them occupied during the day so they weren't driving me crazy about it. brooklyn was asking every hour how much longer until it was TIME! 

brooklyn chose to wear her elsa dress and i chose sleeping beauty for kendall. we painted nails, put on some lipstick, and glitter in their hair and they were ready for their ball! they were giddy as james took them out to the car. so cute!

we had to let addie the photo bomber into one picture!

they had the best time! james sent me lots of videos and pictures all through the night and i loved it! the girls were in heaven! they are so lucky to have a daddy that loves to do these kind of things with them. i told james that's why he's been blessed with 3 girls! he is just a good girl dad. that's all there is to it!

after they got home, we got the girls in jammies, popped some popcorn, and they had a little movie night in their room and we had a movie night of our own. we watched jim gaffigan's cinco on netflix and we were dying! like tears down our cheeks! it was such a good ending to a great day!

the next day was the heart fair. james seriously has put in so many late nights at work just for this. brooklyn loved going last year and was so excited when we pulled into the hospital parking lot! they have games for kids, photo booths, the ambulance & fire truck, and this year they had specially trained healing dogs there for kids to pet. my girls loved this!

and this outtake... kendall is always sticking her booty out for all to see!

luckily, i wasn't throwing up anymore and we were able to go to the super bowl party at my parents' house. it was the usual, lots of kids, lots of food, and lots of football. we were all glad for a great game to watch and great company to watch it with. as soon as we got home we all hit our pillows hard and woke up ready for monday. 

we're grateful for weekends like this, but man, we're ready for just a nice low key one with lots and lots of sunshine!

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