Sunday, February 12, 2017

this week.

we had a great week that even included playing outside for a couple of days! my girls were heaven drawing with chalk, riding scooters, and playing in their little playhouse. they totally thought it was spring time. on one afternoon, we even met up with cousins and went for a walk down to the tabernacle and it felt so good to be bringing that into routine again! the girls ran around for an hour and were sad when the wind picked up and i told them it was time to go. we can't wait for park dates and lunch picnics outside!

this week also brought signing up for swimming lessons, which i never should have told kendall about because she was convinced it was time for swim lessons every day after. darn it, summer is really far away.

on tuesday, we got to meet up at one of my friend's houses to help her with a little photo shoot for her shop. go check it out here! she got in a new colorway of socks for spring and we were more than happy to help her out by providing some little socks models.

the rest of the week was pretty much spent at home, organizing and dejunking. i did a spending freeze this week and staying at home is the only way i'm successful! plus, i can't really do a full seven day spending freeze, so i did it monday through friday and called myself a hero at the end of it. it's hard! i always say i'm going to do it once a quarter but i've only ended up doing it once or twice a year. 

friday brought a really gloomy day. so we cuddled up by the fire, had unicorn hot cocoa, and watched some movies: finding nemo & finding dory. 

saturday morning i got to escape for a little bit to go do some shopping with chelsea. we headed to farmington station and shopped our little hearts out. we had a coupon we were using from my mother in law and that made it way more fun! thanks again lisa! then we headed back home to our families. mine was starving when i got back. so we grabbed in-n-out for lunch and then literally hung out at target for the afternoon. kind of a dream come true. ha. but seriously, luckily james loves target too, and the girls are really good shoppers. we were perusing the clearance stuff and picking up a few last minute valentine things. which we are so excited about! i always decorate for our family valentine dinner at home, and this year i did it a week in advance. i just hung a couple sparkly hearts from the ceiling like usual, and it blew adalyn's mind! she was napping when i did it, but ever since, when she gets anywhere near the kitchen she gets so excited and just wants to stare at the decorations. it is totally worth doing stuff like that, just for reactions like that!

kendall has had a bad cough all week that sadly, she passed to adalyn. so when we told her she didn't get to go to nursery today, she lost it! she was grumpy all day and then took a nice long nap after sacrament meeting. i'm hoping to have my happy girl back! for church, i intentionally dressed them in red, pink, and cream and they wore their super cute socks from my friend. brooklyn loves this kind of stuff and i'm so happy she hasn't outgrown it yet!

i had so many good outtakes from taking their pictures before church. it's so hard to get all three looking AND smiling at the same time. so someone usually has to take one for the team and be the not smiling/not looking one. they get so sick of me taking their picture, but man i can't get enough of these three little sisters!

and yes, adalyn is playing with a fake blue braid, and my poor "R" is crooked from the night before.  

h a p p y  s a b b a t h 

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