Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Girls' Shared Room

i have so much i need to catch up on and blog about, but i've really wanted to get pictures up of the girls' bedroom so that i can remember what it looked like clean and organized. it's been so fun for them to share a room and honestly, my dreams are coming true! with the three year age gap i knew it'd be awhile before they would actually share a room and i've been patient! but two weeks ago, i moved all of kendall's clothes and personalized decor into brooklyn's room and i've been so happy about it!

i love that they can run together to the same room to get their jammies on, and that they sleep in the same bed, and wake up together! so much joy in so many little things!

the room isn't pottery barn-esque or even barely up to target's standards, but it's bright, colorful, and they love it. so i guess that's what matters right?

quite simple and mostly just the same as brooklyn's room back before kendall was born. brooklyn is really good at making her bed and will have the whole room cleaned up in ten minutes when i ask her. she's grown up so much in the last little while and i love how responsible she is! kendall, she just loves to make messes and be wherever brooklyn is. they're best friends and i hope they are willing to let baby girl join their club in just a week or less!

this bump picture is outdated already but it's the last one we've taken. we better at least get one more in or i'll be sad!

h a p p y  t u e s d a y !

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