Saturday, April 30, 2016

james' mba graduation.

james has really been done with school since december, but didn't officially graduate until last week. we'd planned for him to walk in logan at that graduation but it wasn't until may and we found out that the graduation in brigham city would be sooner, so with baby girl coming in may, we opted for the brigham city one.

we had a great evening celebrating james' success and accomplishments over the last two years.

we're proud of this guy! and i told him when we got married i'd find a way to make him an aggie!

the graduation was a lot smaller than it would have been in logan so it made it short and sweet. and with kids, that was nice!

my parents met up with us before and treated us to dinner at maddox. we stuffed ourselves silly and then waddled over to the graduation. it was so nice to have them there. my mom basically had kendall out in the hall the whole time letting her run some energy off. their support meant a lot too.

we also had support from the jeremy ruesch clan. james was glad to have his brother there for this momentous occasion. it was so nice of them to make the trek up to brigham city to support us.

man it felt good to have this night come. the two years james was in the mba program really did go quickly. but having him gone two nights a week was hard on this weak mama. i like having him around. we've definitely enjoyed the fact that he's not working on projects or papers anymore when he gets home from work or on saturdays. as good as it feels for me to be done, i can't imagine how he feels! after all, he did do all of the school work.

he surprised me with roses and one of my favorite treats that night too. i loved both and felt bad that i didn't get him anything. he wins for being most thoughtful.

brooklyn was obsessed with the flowers. as soon as we got home she wanted some put in her room.

i'm so grateful for james' example of the importance of education for our girls. they won't remember him being in school, but i can promise you we'll tell them about it. i hope it gives them the desire and motivation to pursue and love education as they grow up. they'll never regret it.

i really am so grateful for the opportunities that have allowed james to gain an education. we truly feel so blessed and are happy to add this chapter to the book of our lives together. it's something we're proud of, grateful for, and obviously happy to have finished.

lastly, it was fun to reminisce about james' road of education as we drove up to brigham city. pictured below shows that i was basically pregnant any time something momentous happened:

left to right: pregnant with brooklyn when he graduated from the u with his bachelor's degree, pregnant with kendall when he started the mba program, and pregnant with #3 when he finished the mba program.

and with that, a bump pic that is a little outdated now but taken the day after the graduation.

h a p p y  s a t u r d a y 

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