Tuesday, April 19, 2016

favorite things party.

my SIL chelsea decided that i needed some sort of celebration before baby #3 comes. i definitely didn't need a baby shower because with my third girl coming along, i've pretty much got all the girly stuff covered. so a shower seemed totally unnecessary. i really just wanted a good excuse to get together with some nearby family and girlfriends for a fun night.

enter, a favorite things party!

so, i totally wanted to do one of these for my 30th birthday in december, but that is such a crazy month that it just didn't seem possible and honestly, it would have overwhelmed me. chelsea knew this and so she decided a favorite things party would be a perfect way to celebrate before the babe came.

luckily, i have a lot of friends that live here in the valley and i of course invited my mom and my sisters, and it ended up being such a fun night! we asked everyone to bring one of their favorite things valued anywhere from $10-$15 and then a small (cheap or free) favorite thing that they could share with everyone. we drew names for the big items and enjoyed hearing the why's behind everyone's faves!

everyone was so creative too!

here's a little peak at the small favorites!

we had at it at my house (aka my in-laws) because of the awesome big front room and the giant driveway. it was so fun to have all these girls that i love all together chatting, eating, and getting excited about all the favorites we were sharing!

we had a few of my favorite things to eat at the snack table: salt and vinegar chips, dc, ice cubes gum, and my friend's amazing chocolate chip cookies with sea salt on top to name a few.

like i said, everyone was really creative with their big favorite thing and it was so fun to see who was going to end up with what!

when all was said and done, everyone left the party with a new big item, and a swag bag full of little favorites. 

it was such a fun girls' night and i would definitely suggest doing this with a group of girlfriends! i loved getting to visit and just hang out with everyone. totally better than a baby shower right?! especially because after i have a baby, i turn into a hermit for a little while, so i feel like a fun social gathering was the way to go! we're down to about 40 days!!!

and just in case you decide to have your own favorite things party, or you're like me and you just like to know new and fun beauty products, etc., here are some suggestions from our party:

so many good things!!!

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