Friday, March 18, 2016

st. patty's day

but first, let's talk pregnancy cravings. i feel like this pregnancy, to this point, has been my most mild as far as cravings go. in the beginning, i only wanted sandwiches. packed with veggies, lots of vinegar, sandwiches. then after that went away, i really didn't crave anything else.

until about three weeks ago.

enter peach fresca and crunchy chocolate chip cookies.

oh my gosh. you guys, i could sip on and eat this stuff all day. not just any crunchy chocolate chip cookie will do though. i've tried several. the famous amos brand, or as james calls them, "the cheap brand", just hits the spot for me. i don't know what it is. and that peach fresca. it's fresh and bubbly, man i seriously can't get enough! and lately, if you were to come to our house in the later evening, you'd find me soaking in an epsom salt bath, watching something on netflix, eating cookies and drinking a fresca. it's glamorous. luckily, james just laughs and doesn't judge me too hard. for me right now, it's all about the simple pleasures.

enough about that.

back to st. patrick's day.

 usually i'm good at setting up for the rainbow pancake making the night before, but i went to a girls' night and got home late the night before so that just didn't happen. luckily, i've done this several times now so it comes together pretty fast.

it's seriously the easiest and most simple tradition for this holiday. i whip up pancake batter which takes two seconds, i divide the batter into six bowls with their respective color of dye already in the bowl, i stir them all up, throw them on the hot griddle, and boom! rainbow stack!

kendall was super into it this year and couldn't wait to eat her "cakes". brooklyn woke up as soon as they were ready and the smile on her face was enough to keep me doing this until she's eighteen. but that's it. our st. patrick's day traditions stop there. the pancakes are a fun way to start the day and that's about all the girls needed.

i dressed them in festive shirts and took some pictures before brooklyn headed off for preschool, where all the st. patty's day fun was.

i wore green too and we painted our nails green (ish) with gold glitter sparkles. simple but so fun!

the day before i finally got around to planting our spring grass. i am way behind this year and fingers crossed that we'll actually have some grass by next weekend. brooklyn helped me plant it during kendall's nap time and now she's totally invested in it. making sure it's watered and getting plenty of sun. she's very positive we'll have some good grass soon!

later that afternoon we went outside to do sidewalk chalk and bubbles but we didn't last long cause dang the wind got cold. my girls were freezing and begging to go inside to eat dinner. dinner was lazy and we ate sweet rice (hot rice, milk, sugar &cinnamon) quickly before we headed out the door to go meet some friends to do some shopping.

we shopped until dark and then raced home to see james/daddy and get ready for bed. as soon as she had her nightgown on, brooklyn started asking how many days til Easter. she so much looks forward to each holiday and now has memories of all of them so it makes her even more excited! she has that to look forward to and also having her little sister start sleeping in her bed with her. we'll see how that goes this weekend. it's going to be a rough transition for both of them but we're crossing our fingers that we'll have it settled before baby comes. we have about 10 weeks. any great tips or advice on transitioning a small toddler into a bed with their older sibling would be greatly appreciated!

h a p p y  w e e k e n d !
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