Monday, March 14, 2016


this past week was spent recovering from the lovely sickness that plagued our house, unpacking from vacay, and enjoying sunshine at the end of it.

the girls loved seeing the sun out and played outside a ton!

the puking stopped, but the the sickness stuck around the 'other end' and we've still been dealing with that a little bit. it has not been fun. but, being able to send them outside was such the boost we needed! we even played at the park a couple days.

while i was sick, james basically took the girls and just let me rest in our room. it was so nice! bless him. i spent a lot of time reading...

and it's already half way through, but if you wanted to you could catch up on the 40 day general conference challenge. i love doing this! just one talk a day, and it's such an awesome way to prepare for conference and i love getting to read through the talks from the most recent conference. it's a huge boost in my day!

i also spent a lot of time in the tub (drinking all the gatorade). my mother in law has totally converted me to epsom salt baths. add in some oils and some tubby todd and you've got yourself a luxurious bath. i seriously took two to three baths a day. it made it made me feel so much better!

the biggest event of our week was kindergarten registration for brooklyn. that girl is excited and ready for the next step in her little life. she wanted to start asap and was totally bummed when i let her know she wouldn't start until summer was over. and with a new baby and everything going on, i have a feeling that our summer will fly by.

i also had a doctor appointment this week. i was ready to plead my case to the nurse if i had gained five pounds due to the vacation eating, but i didn't have to because of being sick i guess. so it all evened out and i didn't gain five pounds in a month. thank goodness!

though i'm definitely feeling big!

we've had baby girl's name picked out since, well, james and my anniversary dinner at the mandarin. so since the end of the december. we love being able to call her by name and the girls both talk to her all the time using her name. she already has nicknames for crying out loud! the girls have loved being able to feel her move. brooklyn especially. we are all getting very anxious for her arrival!

10 weeks at most!

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