Tuesday, March 29, 2016

easter weekend.

man, having Easter at the end of march definitely threw me for a loop! i much prefer it falling in april and also, coinciding with conference weekend. i realize that's only a week difference, but it makes a huge difference to me! i felt behind and and a little outta control, but luckily we pulled it off without too many tears.

friday night brought dying of the eggs. kendall was so excited to do it this year, a little out of control, but excited. and brooklyn felt like a pro. she was so much more patient and willing to try other colors this year.

we had a full house, you know i love it, having james' sister tori, my sister haley, and jeremy and chelsea's clan over to dye the eggs. it makes it so much more fun having guests!

after the eggs were all said and done, everyone went their separate ways and i got to stay up and play peter cottontail. i love doing that too! though this year, holy cow, i was tired! as soon as i got the baskets done, i headed straight to bed.

peter cottontail also got to visit tori and haley at our house too, which made me feel like i had four kids and i. loved. it.

the baskets were pretty simple this year, mostly comprised of target dollar spot stuff. they got some bubble wands, tools and gloves for gardening, a dress from old navy, and books, chalk, and charlotte's web to share.

the next morning we were up and at 'em for the egg hunts. brooklyn was a little more competitive this year and was pretty disappointed in her few eggs. that competitive nature is both james' and my fault. oops.

kendall loved the chaos and opening all her eggs. her face would light up and she'd yell, "candy," or "beans!" it made my whole day! we also scored about 6 free swig sugar cookie certificates as well. such a win!

back at home, the baskets and goodies from peter cottontail were unveiled. the girls loved it. they loved having their aunts there to ooh and ahh over everything they showed them, and of course, they loved getting to eat some candy.

we didn't waste anytime with our day and headed straight down to provo for the blue and white game. quite a process to get there (parking 80 miles away, stroller, hungry kids, etc.) and we were a tad late, but it was all worth it to sit with friends and family and just chat. james loved watching his cougs and is already looking forward to football season. not surprising at all!

we raced home, as much as you can out of utah county, and i was able to go to my stake center to watch the broadcast of the general women's conference. oh how i look forward to that every time! so much goodness, clarity, and everything happy comes from that meeting. i can't wait to go back and watch the couple talks that i missed.

Easter sunday morning came nice and early but we still made it to church a tad bit early and dressed in our Easter best. the older people in our ward made a huge fuss about the girls in their darling yellow dresses (thank you nana!) and it made them feel so special. i love church on Easter sunday and i love that brooklyn is getting old enough to appreciate it too.

after church we drove to my parents' to have our traditional Easter dinner and spend the afternoon together. my mom's rolls and whit's jello pretzel salad hit the spot! what i wouldn't give for both right now!

after dinner my mom gave the grandkids some Easter goodies from her and my dad. matching outfits and $5 bills were enough to make them think they'd wont the lottery. so cute! afterwards it was the traditional rolling of the eggs down the hill. hysterical this year with more grand kids. they loved it!

our Easter weekend was a good reminder that we have so many blessings, a Savior who loves us, and family that is there for us no matter what. i am blessed to be surrounded by so many good people in my life. i am blessed to be a mother and a wife, and it's something i hope to never take for granted.

we are also getting so anxious to meet this new addition to our little family and i can't wait to mother her. but mostly to squeeze and kiss on her.

and i had to add this last picture because it makes me laugh every time i look at it! the sun was very bright right when we got to church, but they're trying their darndest to open those eyes, and kendall is cheesing it with all she's worth!

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