Tuesday, September 1, 2015

the weekend.

when friday morning came i had this sudden panic attack about summer being over. while the girls ate breakfast, i got all my dishes done, and got the pools and other water toys out. we were going to have a pool day at home! i wanted to spend all day outside. and it was a good one.

kendall went down for a nap and brooklyn and i headed outside. she lounged in the pool, played with her toys, and i laid out and browsed some magazines. it was awesome! then when keni woke up, she joined brooklyn and james came home soon after that. the girls were so excited to have their daddy home to play in the water with them.

we ate peanut butter and banana sandwiches by the fist full and sipped on diet coke and capri suns. it was such a good hot summer day. 

before we headed in for tubs, it was popsicles all around. james mowed while the girls got ready and then we went to meet up with friends for some s'mores and good conversation.

we stayed way too late but went to bed so content and happy about our day.

saturday brought some cleaning and packing. we headed up to coalville for my nephew's birthday party. his first to be exact. whit made him the cutest cake! the whole set up was so darn cute. it was a 'gone fishin' theme.

sunday, we had ryan's farewell and dinner afterwards. the girls loved spending the night at grandma and grandpa's and of course, spending time with family all weekend.

it was just the kind of weekend i needed. i just need one more to give summer a proper goodbye. we've got some planning in the works and i'm hoping to make it a good one. byu football kicks off this weekend so you know what james will be doing. football and fall make the transition away from summer so much better, and so do my fall candles that have been lit and smelling up my house (in a good way!) all day.

h a p p y  s e p t e m b e r 

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