Sunday, August 23, 2015

some weekend snippets.

on thursday, the girls and i were lucky enough to have my sister and her sweet baby come for a visit. she starts school again tomorrow (good luck googs!) so she was trying to get in all the fun stuff over the weekend. we loved having them! we grabbed lunch at beehive bakery here in bountiful and had a little picnic on the lawn at the tabernacle. then we browsed the cute stores on main and headed home so the babes could nap.

that night for dinner we had a 'summer meal'. ya know, hot dogs, chips, salad, diet coke. that kind of summer meal. i really start to panic these last few weeks of summer to get every last summer-y kind of thing in that i possible can. so, hot dogs for dinner. we kissed kayla and judson bye and then headed to station park for a little shopping, concert listening, and dessert-ing. 

the four of us shared a cronut and i'm not sure that was the best idea. i could have eaten my own! kendall too. seriously, i think she ate the most of that thing. ok, i did actually. i couldn't help myself. have you had a cronut?!

the last few weeks i've tried really hard to be consistent with 'quiet time' for brooklyn and myself when kendall naps. it's something i have really loved! i'm sad i haven't been doing it sooner. now yes, quiet time for me sometimes means cleaning or organizing something, but for the most part, i really try to do something relaxing. brooklyn's quiet time is usually in her room. she watches a movie while she does stickers, or practices using scissors (she loves cutting! and luckily, i've never had to really worry about her cutting anything but paper. though i know it's risky!), eats a snack, or takes a nap herself. i think she loves it almost as much as i do.

i usually read, fold laundry while i watch something on netflix (either friends or call the midwife. watch both of them if you haven't!), make phone calls, or... you guessed it, nap myself. i used to feel guilty taking time for myself like that, but i don't anymore. i am a way better mom if i have time to unwind and do something enjoyable. seriously. i bet if you asked brooklyn she'd agree.

(back to school + fall books - it nearly killed me to not put up halloween books...)

brooklyn starts preschool next week and she is so excited! right now, i'm excited too. we'll see if having her gone twice a week for big chunks of the day is a good thing for me. she's my big helper!

friday morning we met some friends at the park last minute. it was a nice way to start the weekend. a little social time for the girls and me. win-win!

i was horrible at getting pictures friday evening, and i'm so mad. we went to dinner with james' cousin's family, and jeremy and chelsea. after dinner we came back to our house and just visited. it was really fun and it was nice to get to hang out with 'the cousins' because they don't live super close and we really love hanging out with them. 

i also didn't get pictures of our day swimming on saturday. we went to seven peaks in salt lake only to find they were closed. i'm still fuming over that. so we went to the bountiful pool instead. the girls didn't mind one bit. brooklyn loved swimming with ellie and chels and i got some chatting in so it turned out just fine.

that evening was james' annual usu mba fall kick-off dinner at thanksgiving point. kendall was six weeks old last year so she got to accompany us. this year, my cute cousin watched the girls so that we could go and just enjoy a night out. it got james and i both so excited that he'll be finishing up the program in december. it's really gone by so fast! 

afterwards, we picked the girls up and headed for home. it was bedtime for everyone but me. i had a little last minute grocery shopping to do before the sabbath. we were out of diapers and i made dinner for a cute family in our ward who just had a baby. it was a crazy sunday! but making a nice meal for someone else, also means that you get to eat that nice meal. we found out that kendall loves meatballs and salad with ranch. who knew?

we're ready for another week of summer. the leaves are changing right in our yard and though we're giddy for fall to be here, we really are trying to enjoy the last of the sunshine. gosh it's been a good one. one that will be tough to beat. 


more swimming
watermelon + corn
late summer nights

for just a little bit longer.

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