Wednesday, August 19, 2015

cougar kick-off + other things

on monday, we broke the rules. well, my fake rules. monday is my laundry day and we usually never do anything that takes us too far from home or for long periods of time. i like to get up and get that laundry done. but monday, we had plans to meet friends and possibly one of my sisters at seven peaks. unfortunately, all of our peeps fell through and we just ended up going anyway. i was not about to tell brooklyn we weren't going. so, luckily i'd gotten up early and had two batches done before we headed out the door. 

we stayed and swam and played for about an hour an half. that's the nice thing about living fifteen minutes away. we can come and go as we please and there's not a long drive involved. so we fit everything into our time at seven peaks that the girls love. one of those being brooklyn's favorite, "mermaid lagoon". she's loved it (and named it) ever since we started going. so we usually try to hit it up once or twice every time we go.

when we got home, the girls were both asleep, so i pulled into the garage, rolled some windows down and hurried and showered and got ready. i went and woke up them up shortly after and got them in the tub. we ate lunch, and i finished the laundry. i was determined to have it done! i had it all folded and mostly put away by the time james got home. haley came for a short visit, we ate dinner, talked, and then sent her on her way. 

james went to bed super excited because the next day was the annual cougar kick-off and byu surplus sale. he loves it! brooklyn's starting to too. she remembered going last year so she was way excited. we hit up the sale, where james scored some awesome cleats ($20) for flag football, ate our burgers from jcw's (best burgers!), and then headed over to the other festivities. we got to see my cousin and her cute little family for a little bit so that was fun too.

brooklyn knew she wanted her face painted first thing.

she was obsessed with it!

then we made our way over to the blow up slides. both the girls loved that too, and luckily the lines weren't very long so they go to go down multiple times.

brooklyn was so proud of herself for being brave and giving cosmo a hug. i never thought i'd see the day that my own kids would be cosmo fans. wow. so now we've just got to get keni to be brave. ha! it made for a good picture though.

james tracked down a player he knew and he obliged to take a picture with the byu fans of the family. though, we're still not sure about keni.

i'm not a byu fan, but james and brooklyn love this so much and it's so fun to go as a family and do this together. i can swallow my pride for one night a year and participate in a byu sports affiliated evening. my girls will have great memories of it and james loves sharing that with them. he may not get any sons so he needs someone to love byu just like he does.

we're excited for next year and brooklyn is already talking about it.

the plus of being down that way was getting to stop at kayla and judd's and kiss on baby judson. and eat some krispy kreme donuts (thanks hay!). we ended up getting home a little later than keni's bedtime so she got to sleep in her way-to-big shirt as a night shirt. both girls woke up happy and ready for more adventures today.

and speaking of today, the 40 Day Conference Talk Challenge starts today and i've roped some friends and sisters into doing it with me. i'm super excited about it! i love challenges like this. so if you're at all thinking about it, you should do it, it'll be fun!

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