Monday, August 17, 2015

those summer weekends...

this weekend was a hot one, but we had too much planned to let that stand in our way. friday evening we hit up the davis county fair. we were smart to take our double stroller because it was much too hot (and sweaty) to be carrying little ones. the girls loved it though. the animals, the rides, and just watching people. they get that from their mother.

(both sad they had to get off the carousel)

keni's favorite was the carousel. she loved it! she wasn't big enough for the other rides, so having to watch brooklyn on them was pure torture for her. i felt so bad. so when james put her on a horse on the carousel she almost couldn't handle it. grin from ear to ear! she loved waving every time they came around. so cute!

brooklyn and ellie loved the 'car ride'. they loved riding it together and just thought the whole thing was spectacular. they were sure to wave every time around too. such a crack up!

it was a little sad to think that in like twelve years, we'll be seeing them like this in a real car. holy cow. scary.

the animals were a big hit. the heat had the girls in the zone so they mostly pointed and gasped. 

saturday morning while the boys played football, chels and i took the girls to corner bakery for breakfast. the food was delicious and the girls loved coloring while chels and i chatted. it was a fun little girls' morning out.

keni thinks she's so big.

we went home, got ready and all dressed up and headed to salt lake for my cousin's wedding. it was beautiful. they're such a cute couple and we loved being able to celebrate their special day with them.

beau/the groom is seriously the cutest.

after pictures we headed home, picking up steak n shake on the way home, and tried having a peaceful meal with two grumpy exhausted girls. kendall went to bed at 7:30. she was done. brooklyn went to bed after me, i was out at 9:30. i slept so well! nothing like a day of wedding and heat to take it out of ya.

sunday was church, leftovers for dinner, and then a nice long family walk. then we hopped on the computer to visit with james' family who are all now spread all over from florida to hawaii. afterwards, we had j&c over for some peach crisp and some nice fresh air out back. it was such a ncie summer night and i'm guessing we won't have too many more weeks of it. we're trying to soak it all in.

buuuut, that peach crisp has a definite fall-like taste to it, so ya know, i was sad about summer leaving and giddy about fall all in one breath. i love this time of year!

we're ready for another week. i'm sure there will be swimming, hopefully something cooked on the grill, and popsicles. 

always popsicles.

h a p p y  m o n d a y 

p.s. kendall is 14 months now. fourteen. you know i can't hardly stand it.

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