Friday, August 14, 2015

the week.

after our little fhe of tinfoil dinners and banana boats on monday night, we all headed home to welcome james's mom back from florida. she drove cross country with my sister in law who is working at disneyworld this fall/winter. she flew back here for a few days before heading back to hawaii. and when you have guests, you want to get out and do fun things. especially if you're my husband. so tuesday night, we took advantage of $5 movies at the megaplex and we all went out to see the minions movie. we got all settled with our popcorn and everything, kendall in her jammies, and i was hoping she would just fall asleep. the movie started at her bedtime. but oh no, she wanted to be passed around, stuff her face with popcorn, and not go to sleep. i've been weening her the past few weeks and i really only nurse her to sleep before i put her down for the night. i tried this, and that mixed with all the popcorn and few sips of root beer she got, her stomach got upset and she puked all over us both. i got us outta there and headed for home. once in her crib, she fell fast asleep. quite an adventure if you ask me.

wednesday, after story time, brooklyn spent a huge chunk of the day helping my in laws tear up the basement to be ready to be re-done. she changed into her work clothes and literally helped for hours. she swept, and then hauled ceiling tiles outside to be thrown away. she got filthy. but boy was she proud of herself. my mother in law bought all the food we needed for dinner that night and i prepped it so we could eat around 7. jeremy and chelsea joined us and we ate some yummy kalua pork, mashed potatoes (thanks chels!), salad, watermelon, and baked beans. a delicious meal for the middle of the week.

that night i got to sneak off to a girls' night. there was swig cookies, glitter toes, and lots of chatting with some of my favorite friends. i may or may not have gotten home after one in the morning. and i  may or may not have been completely exhausted when i woke up the next morning. my age is starting to catch up with me.

the next morning brooklyn had her dentist appointment and luckily that all went well. keni even scored a cute little toothbrush for being such a good little sister. i always hold my breath until i know there are no cavities. so expensive! and thank goodness there weren't any. afterwards, we met up with our friends from canada to do a little swimming. brooklyn has gotten so brave this summer and loved going down the slide into the deep end and swimming back (with floaties on of course) to where we were. she did it almost the entire time we were there. wore her right out!

last night we went to my parents' to celebrate my brother in law's birthday, complete with burgers and texas sheet cake. between dinner and dessert there were some mean games of kanjam enjoyed out on the back lawn. it's definitely becoming a family fave. 

we're excited the weekend is here and have fun plans to check out the fair and attend my cousin's wedding and be with family. everyone is napping in preparation for all the fun to be had. i would be napping, but honestly, i'm too busy day dreaming. ya know, about the next month, fall clothes, and halloween costumes, and fall and pumpkins. no lie. i've held off as long as i could. i'm tempted to light some of my new fall candles, but i've vowed not to until at least september first. hopefully i can make it. if not, that's okay right?

h a p p y  w e e k e n d i n g 

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