Tuesday, August 11, 2015

summer continues...

our weekend started on friday with some yard work and some delicious chocolate chip cookies from my friend who just decided i needed some. yes. she's awesome. i tried really hard not to eat them all right then and there because we had big plans to hit up summerfest here in bountiful and eat at the cupbop food truck. korean bbq people. i was excited!

we met up with jeremy & chels a few blocks from park where everything was and pushed strollers and walked over. i was starved! i couldn't wait to eat. so while chels and i waited for food, the boys took the girls over to watch some dancers on the stage. during our thirty minute wait... we were informed by cops that the winds were going to start gusting at 70 mph and that a huge storm was rolling in. and boy did it. within three minutes, it was raining HARD, thundering, lightening, hail, and WIND was pounding us. chels and i were next in line. i wasn't about to move. we lucked out and got our food for half off and pot stickers fo free! we ran the two blocks back to the car where our soaking husbands and girls were waiting for us. we were completely drenched. totally worth it!

saturday was a little less eventful. james went and played flag football and the girls helped me clean the house. we were hosting a bbq later that night. as soon as james got home and showered, i put keni down for a nap and went out to pick up last minute bbq-ing things. when i got home, james informed me that, "the big byu 50 box is on the B!" if you don't know what that is, look it up. so we literally jumped in the car and flew up the mountain. sadly, we had already been beat. but james was stoked to score a few free byu t shirts. one for brooklyn too. he was happy.

that night our good friends/past neighbors, the gasu's, and jeremy and chels all came over for the bbq. we ate, talked, laughed, the kids played, the adults played kanjam, and we ended the night with ice cream and fireworks. shh. it was so fun to spend the evening all together and i'm sad we didn't do it sooner! brooklyn misses living next door to shane and so when we see each other she is devastated when he has to leave. 

sunday, i taught my sunday school class, keni made it all through sacrament meeting without having to be taken out (WAHOO!), and then i ended up just taking her home with twenty minutes left of church because she was fighting a nap so hard. she's also been weening the last few weeks so that makes it even harder. we relaxed the rest of the evening, took a drive up mueller park, and just enjoyed the heck out of just being together as just our little family. 

we kept the weekend rolling into monday with tinfoil dinners and banana boats for fhe. it was awesome! try banana boats if you haven't! they're so good! 

chels and i also showed up wearing the same shirt. great minds right?

we hit up seven peaks today as our usual tuesday outing and the weather was perfect. it made me sad thinking that we'll only get to go a few more times before summer is over. my girls love it. i love it. good memories have been there, and it'll always hold a special place in my summer loving heart. 

also, drink of the summer... big al from swig. so good and refreshing!

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