Thursday, August 6, 2015

ode to summer.

this summer will go down in history as one of my favorite summers. i feel like we've packed it in and squeezed every drop out of it that we possibly could. living in bountiful has been a huge part of that. we love it here! there's a lot to do, that's close, and there is such a sense of community. our ward is awesome, our friends are awesome, and we're just surrounded by greatness here.

we love living close to main street where a lot of the fun happens. the girls love to hop in the stroller and set out for adventures. 

another bonus to living in bountiful is the fact that we still live under an hour away from my parents. this past sunday we got together to celebrate my dad's birthday. with these five grandkids around, he may turn gray a lot faster. they sure love their grandparents though!

the favorite this summer has been the sand box. all four of them were covered in sand. so baths for everyone afterward was a must. they're just sa-cute!

even on the rainiest of days, we still find ways to stay busy entertained. this past monday was the biggest rain storm i've seen in awhile. so while did laundry, the girls watched the rain out the window, played in a blanket fort, and ate rice krispy treats. it was a much needed kind of day.

we love the parks too. brooklyn thinks she's pro at climbing and doing everything, and so does kendall. she wants to do everything that brooklyn does.

the shake shack just down the street finally opened! i've been waiting for months to try it! construction took forever. but last week, the heavens opened and we got to see if the hype was worth it. and i'd say yes. the burgers and fries were really good. brooklyn and kendall thought so too.

the evenings are usually either super packed and busy with activities or nice and slow. and after keni goes to bed, we like to do sparklers or small fireworks and brooklyn loves it. we're really going to miss the beautiful warm nights when it turns cold.

all summer we've had a standing date with seven peaks every tuesday. it's been great and good way to make it down there once a week. having the pass of all passes is totally worth it. if you live close, it's a must! the girls love it and we usually only spend about two hours there when we go but i feel like we get everything in that we want to. the girls love to swim. and usually one or two other days during the week we hit up the bountiful pool. it's nice to drive thirty seconds to swim. we'll miss that too come fall!

so if you couldn't already tell, we're happy here and loving our summer. but as it gets closer to september, we're anxious for brooklyn to start preschool and james to start his last semester of his mba (wahoooo!). fall has always had a special place in my heart and i have a feeling that we can make it just as good as this summer has been.

h a p p y  s u m m e r !

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