Thursday, July 30, 2015

Brooklyn's Fairy Garden Party

four years old. 
i can't believe it. though she can. 
she feels so grown up now and loves being four. 

for her fourth birthday, she and i decided together on a fairy garden party. my mom got her this darling fairy book for her birthday, that she got to open a week early and it got her so excited about fairies and her party. 

as far as decorations go, all she cared about was having pink roses. she's obsessed. fresh flowers are one of her love languages and i can't help but think she got it from her mama. we served desserts and a delicious buffalo chicken dip that chelsea has brought into the family. we love it. it went well with all the sweets.

after we got everyone sugared up, the little girls took off on our fairy hunt. adorned with wings, wands, and sparkly tattoos on their arms, we searched for things that fairies left behind all around the yard. i didn't get close up pictures of these things, but the favorite was probably these little tiny jars full of sparkly glitter. they loved them!

they gathered all their things in their little personalized bags and once it was all gathered, they put them in their fairy gardens to take home.

brooklyn has been obsessed and plays with it outside. we need to set it up and make a real fairy garden in the backyard i think.

keni was just happy to be there and have so much attention.

after the hunt was cake time. brooklyn is at the age where she still loves to be sung to. i wonder when that will change. hopefully not for a long time.

then it was present time. she was so excited about everything she got. her family knows her so well. 

i love this picture of cutler. this was one of many little girl parties he'll have to attend. cute little thing!

i'm so grateful to everyone who came and made brooklyn feel so special on her birthday. she loves having people around and a party to boot just made this whole night her favorite night ever. 

and i loved being able to celebrate this cute little four year old who plays such a huge part in our little family. she is our entertainer and organizer. we love her so much and can't wait to celebrate next year and many more years to come.

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