Wednesday, September 2, 2015

back to school feast.

after years of waiting and dreaming it up in my head, i got to host a back to school feast for my family. i started following nienie before brooklyn was born (if you aren't you should too!) and i loved her back to school feast posts. i would go back and read them over and over because #1 i thought it was a great tradition and #2 she's so thoughtful about all the details and all of them are amazing. i definitely didn't go all out like she does, but i got to do it and that's all i cared about monday night.

the theme that's been chosen for the school year is taken from a talk by richard g. scott:

on the menu:

baked tilapia
green beans (from my parents' garden)
corn on the cob
quinoa & kale
grilled mushrooms & onion
sparkling cider 

brooklyn was excited all day about 'the feast' and her favorite part of dinner was doing cheers every time she took a drink of her cider. she also loved the fish.

kendall's favorite was the corn on the cob. we had a good laugh watching her dive mouth first into until it was all gone. 

it was a good meal and all the better just because of the new tradition.

after dinner and our dessert of little debbie snack cakes, as per brooklyn's request, we had a little fashion show. i started buying fall clothes for the girls back in may so they've waited a long time to wear them. brooklyn loved having a few outfits picked out that she got to model down the 'runway'. we played music and the whole bit. brooklyn giggled every time she headed back into her room to change. this was totally up her alley! kendall loved it too. 

at the end both girls got new pajamas they got to model together. 

to finish off the night, james gave both girls blessings. it had me teary eyed the whole time thinking that we're entering this stage of our lives. so crazy! 

the next morning brooklyn was so excited for school. she was asking every ten minutes if it was time to go. afternoon preschool was a must for her because this girl loves to sleep in. it works well for her!

kendall was a little bored without her but she was so excited to go pick her up.

we're so excited for brooklyn and this next step in her life. even though my heart hurts a little that she's growing up (both girls are!) so fast, it's so fun to see her so excited about all this school stuff.

james starts school next week for the last time. he's done in december so we're counting down the weeks! 

here's to a great school year!

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