Monday, September 14, 2015

labor day weekend.

labor day weekend started on thursday. kind of. after i picked brooklyn up from preschool, james met us at home and we all went to costco to grab a pizza (and churro) for the utah game. fall was in the air! holy cow. as soon as football season starts, it just can't help but feel like fall. it made everyone very happy that day.

on friday, we met up with the jeremy ruesch clan at seven peaks for one last hoorah. it was windy and a tiny bit cold but it was nice to be able to go all together one last time. brooklyn was so sad on the way home finding out we wouldn't be going back until next summer. sad day.

the next morning, james was up early to go get a workout in with his brother. afterwards, he took the girls out and i got to go work out AND get ready before they got home. this picture isn't the best/coolest but i ran my little guts out that morning and hit a personal best. remember, i am not a runner.

after keni's nap, we all finished getting ready and headed over to our friends' house to watch the long awaited byu football game. 

this day is definitely more exciting to james than christmas. 

so while he watched the game with all the guys, i chatted with my friends, ate, and chased my girls around. although it was chaos, it really was a fun little get together. and with the hail mary win, it was a win/win for all of us.

after the game, we headed up to coalville to spend the night for judson's blessing. which i have NO pictures of! i'm so sad! he's the cutest sweetest chunk of a baby and i can't get enough of him. it was such a special day. afterwards, back at my parents' house the little ones got to play in the sand boxes, which keni could do all day, and the adults played kan-jam and visited.

we also found out that keni loves loves fresh from the garden peas. she ate more than i could keep track of and would still be eating them if they weren't all gone. 

we headed home that night so that james could play flag football in the morning and the girls and i went shopping, complete with fountains, and donuts.

for lunch, we grabbed steak n shake and headed to a park for a little picnic. it was a beautiful day and a perfect day to be outside. a tad too chilly for swimming however.

we ran errands, which included keni being obsessed with this hat, and james and i almost buying it because we couldn't stop laughing. it was hilarious!

dinner was supposed to be up the canyon for one last cookout but we ended up at a little park nearby. it was just fine. especially because there was a playground. we roasted hot dogs and had s'mores. the perfect ending to a basically perfect summer i'd say.

we really have lucked out being able to do so many fun things this summer. especially as a family, and especially with jeremy and chelsea since they moved to bountiful and literally live a block away from us. it's been fun to be able to just fly by the seat of our pants and get the girls together, or walk down to festivities on main street, all that good stuff. summer will sorely be missed, but i have a feeling the next few months will be full of fun as well.

g o o d b y e  summer !

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