Friday, September 25, 2015

hooray for fall!

it's faaaaaaaaall!

my favorite season is here. and while the leaves are changing and all that jazz, the weather has still just been way too hot. i can't wait for it to cool down just a little bit. all week we've been enjoying the smells and tastes of fall. i have candles lit whenever we're at home, i'm obsessed. i made chocolate chip pumpkin muffins, and one of our favorite pumpkin pasta dishes for dinner one night. a lot of pumpkin the first week of fall but i doubt we get sick of it. ever.

but let's rewind to about a week ago. before it was officially fall. last thursday, after i dropped brooklyn off at preschool, chels and i took advantage of being able to fit in one car and took ellie and kendall to city creek for a little lunch + play date. chels and i dined on the most delicious food from bocata. get the blt + egg. no joke, it's the best! then we let the girls play in the play area for awhile. it was a quick trip but just what we needed.

the next morning, i drove my three pirates to krispy kreme donuts for their annual pirate day. we were sad to not go with the gasu's like we usually do, but we were excited about our donuts nonetheless. james is such a good sport!

then, there was a quick costume change and we were off to meet BABY FITZ! oh he's so so tiny and so so sweet. the first grandson of the bunch. hopefully he'll be able to handle all these girls ahead of him. brooklyn was lucky enough to get to hold him and she loved it. they were even matching in their stripes!

all week i've dressed my girls in their halloween and fall clothes, and it's really been much too hot. luckily, i was thinking when i bought them short sleeved halloween shirts. they were both so excited to put them on. but probably not more excited than their mama. 

wednesday evening we went as a little family to a dinner put on by james' school. it was a dutch oven dinner and the girls both loved it. james and i topped it off with cobbler and ice cream while the girls just had ice cream. the weather was perfect. 

we are looking forward to a fun busy weekend. tonight we're having a dinner party with friends that's been in the works since, oh i think march. and then saturday we'll be celebrating james all day as he turns the big 2-9. sunday, james and i both have lessons to teach. it'll be a crazy couple of days but we'll embrace it and surely have lots of fun. 

and hopefully we'll get to sneak a drive up the canyon in to look at all the beautiful fall foliage that is out in full force right now!

h a p p y  w e e k e n d i n g  !

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