Thursday, October 1, 2015

a dinner party + a birthday

last friday night we had a long anticipated dinner party with friends. the weather was perfect, the food was so good, and the company was perfect. we really couldn't have asked for a better evening. my friends and i started planning this dinner months ago. we originally planned to do it at the end of august but then it just kept getting moved back, and for the best. the weather wasn't too hot and there was just a hint of fall in the air by the time we started eating.

the table decor was beautiful. i had no part in it. my friend's mom is the ultimate entertainer and provided us with an amazing fall tablescape.

we all pitched in and brought different food items. every single dish was delicious! 

on the menu:

summer salad in a parmesan bowl (how fancy is that?!)
french bread
artichoke dip
potatoes + carrots
pasta veggie salad
smoked brisket

after it was decided that it would be at our house, i decided to put together a playlist of songs to play in the background. i asked for everyone's suggestions and got some great suggestions from a few. the music set the tone. it really was fun.

james was a good sport and spend friday afternoon hanging the lights and mowing the lawn before the dinner. he's such a good one!

we coordinated to have a couple girls babysit for us and we had all the kids downstairs right there at the house. it worked out nicely. i was able to run in and put kendall to bed between dinner and dessert. 

it was nice to eat as just us adults, get to know each other better, and just enjoy some good food together. we've decided we'll be doing it again next year and i really don't think it can be topped. it really was such a fun night!

sadly, i dropped the ball and didn't get a good group picture before the night ended. but hopefully next year we can remember to do that.

the next morning we got up early to make james some birthday breakfast: french toast and bacon. brooklyn was so excited it was his birthday and she wanted to celebrate him and make him gifts all day long.

sadly, his cougars suffered a really bad loss and set kind of a downer mood for the rest of the day. we lunched at red robin and james got the biggest free burger of his life. we all enjoyed our meals and especially the fries + fry sauce. who doesn't love those?!

(showing off their matching chins!)

we relaxed back at home for awhile, where brooklyn took a bad tumble down the stairs. james and jeremy hit up boondocks as per their birthday tradition. i turned on the women's conference and was able to enjoy it while the girls played in the background.

when james got home we did presents and cake + ice cream. the girls loved it! they love their daddy and really get so excited when he's around. he's such a good dad who loves to read to them, play with them, and all the other good things dads are supposed to do. 

we love you james and are so glad you are the man in our lives!

p.s. he is in dallas for the night and we're missing him like crazy! also, i'm happy to report that not one ounce of t.v. has been watched. that's a miracle people!

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