Thursday, September 24, 2015

Kendall 15 Months

i've been writing this post in my head for a couple of weeks. i really wanted to paint the most accurate picture of kendall that i could. but last night, as i lay awake thinking about it, i realized i couldn't possibly do that. i can get close, but i could never put into words how cute her little personality is, or how much i love her. so, below are just some things i want to remember about my sassy little keni.

we joke that she is a wolf in sheep's clothing. we kind of joke. it's mostly true. to an outsider, or anyone who doesn't live in our home, she seems like the happiest most easy going child with a wave for everyone. not the case. she definitely has her sweet moments when i just want to kiss her little face off, but she is full of sass to the max.

- any time a song that she recognizes comes on, she's dancing, even in her seat. her favorite right now though is cheerleader by omi. she clicks her tongue, squeals, and dances with her whole body when she hears it come on.

- she is a pretty dang good eater. way less picky than brooklyn. she lives and dies for ice cream and corn on the cob though. 

- she puts herself to sleep for naps and bedtime. she was weaned from nursing exactly two days after her fifteen month mark. i still can't hardly talk about it. i loved nursing her!

- i kind of already mentioned the waving. it's her favorite trick. she waves to any stranger she sees and has taken to especially loving the elderly lately. it melts their hearts when she gives them her cute little wave.

- whenever i ask her, "what do you have?" or "what's in your mouth?", she takes off running as fast as she can. she keeps me on my toes!

- she wants to be doing whatever her big sister is doing. she loves to even just follow her around while brooklyn is in her own world make believing whatever it is that day. brooklyn can make her laugh harder than anyone else too. 

- with that being said, keni loves to cheap shot brooklyn. yank on her hair without stopping, kick her in the face if she's laying down, hit her with hard objects. sometimes i laugh, but seriously, who is this kid? i'm not sure why she does that to the person she looks up to more than anyone else in the world. but, sisters will be sisters i guess.

- she loves to 'wash herself up' in the tub. i squirt a little bit of soap into her hands and gets to work, grinning, and rubbing the soap all over her cute little chubby body. 

- she has a mouth full of teeth with two more molars coming in as i type this.

- she's taken a huge interest in books in the last couple of months. she loves to look at them by herself or have me read them to her. she especially loves books with animals in them.

- she is not super interested in talking. she says mama, dada, num num, and what sounds like tickle tickle tickle. 

- she loves any kind of animal. she squeals when she hears a dog barking down the street, and just about jumps out of her skin with excitement if she sees we're getting close to any kind of animal. birds are also a favorite. she loves to point them out in the sky.

- she has a very tender heart. her heart can be broken easily, but she gets over it quickly. unless it's her dad that's broken her heart. she seems to punish him longer than the rest of us. 

- she gives good slobbery open mouth kisses.

there are so many things i know i'm forgetting, so i'll probably come back and add them when i think of more. she is such a fun little person to have around. i just get the biggest kick out of her. she's determined very much like her sister, but james and i have decided she's a lot more stubborn. we'll be in trouble come the teen years. 

but oh i just love her. she has made room in my heart with such ease and i really couldn't love her more. i love spending every day with her and watching her learn and grow. heavenly father gave her to me to teach me so many things, including patience. i thank him every day for her. she is the perfect addition to our family and there's no one else i'd rather share an ice cream sandwich with.

i love you my kenikale!

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