Tuesday, May 5, 2015

cousin bbq.

the last time we hosted a cousin bbq was two years ago, which i can hardly believe. you can read about it here. the group has definitely expanded since then, and i love it! it's been nice to be in homes that we are able to host this crew and hopefully when we buy a home of our own we can continue to do the same.

saturday around 4, everyone started showing up. brooklyn gave tours of the house, while james and i finished setting up. everyone came with food in hand we had plenty to feed everyone. we grilled hot dogs, had hoagies, salads, chips, and all sorts of dessert!

kenz and i were thinking alike and showed up in white shirts trimmed with neon colors. funny enough, the next day at my parents we wore the same dress. it's the dark hair i tell ya!

we had yard games set up on 'ruesch field' as james and i have keenly named it. hayden brought a fun frisbee game that everyone got into. 

it really was fun to just sit and chat the evening away with my cousins. we've definitely grown in the kid department too. it's crazy that there are so many of them now!

we tried getting a group picture of the next generation and this is as good as we got. so funny!

the weather turned out to be just right and everyone was able to stay until it was so dark we literally couldn't see our hand in front of our face. so many good memories!

brooklyn loved having everyone at our house. she is such a social girl. she kept wanting to count the cars in the driveway she was so excited! which, i actually did count for her and i think we ended up with 11 plus landon's truck and trailer out on the street complete with a bull in the back.

i'm so lucky to have such great people to grow up with. we always have fun when we're together and it's always sad to say goodbye. luckily, we'll all be together again in just over a month at our family reunion at spring haven.

the cousin crew.

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