Thursday, April 30, 2015

happy list.

this post started out being about how completely exhausted i am and how i have no energy to do anything. we've been sleep training kendall for almost two weeks now and i am so tired. her room shares a wall with us so when she's crying, i'm awake. i definitely am the epitome of mombie these days. 

but this post quickly turned 'love list' as i started thinking more on the positive side of things. you know i love a good list, and coming up with it made me so happy it almost brought me out of my mombie state. almost.

1. these girls.

every day they try my patience, they push me to my limits, but man do they love me. and i love them back even more. i read somewhere once that as a mother of young children, we will never be more needed and loved in our lifetime. i feel this on a daily basis. the way their faces light up when i walk into the room. the way they snuggle up to me (or let's be honest, right on top of me) whenever i sit down to take a break. i love being loved. 

2. GNO (girls night out).

i have been blessed to make some of the most genuinely awesome friends in the last couple of months and i really don't know what i would do without them. since february, we have planned to have a girls' night once a month and they have been something that i look forward to literally all month. last night our girls night consisted of sweats, yummy treats, a movie, chatting, sparkly toes, super cheesy personalized sparkly cups provided by yours truly, and hanging out until almost midnight. i needed this refresher more than i thought i did. it always seems to be that way. i can't wait until next month!

3. salads.

this one might surprise those closest to me because i've never been a huge salad lover, especially as a main course. but lately, i can't get enough. for dinner last night i made a caribbean one of sorts and it totally hit the spot. that avocado and pico de gallo mixed... mmm!

4. kendall's growing independence. 

which also brings out more and more of her personality every day. she fits into our family perfectly and we couldn't imagine life without her. she is a character and oh so sweet. she has a temper that fires quickly, but she melts us with her squishy faced smile. and even though it breaks my heart that she's growing up so fast, i can't help but love every second of it.

i have a hand full of other things that totally make this list, but like i said, i'm tired. hopefully i can get a nap today and maaaaybe finish this list later. 

h a p p y  almost  f r i d a y  !

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