Tuesday, April 28, 2015

rainy weekend + fhe

the weekend was a rainy cold one. brooklyn was sad that park dates were not an option. however, daddy saved the day on friday evening. we went as a family down to the legacy trail for a little run. after multiple attempts by keni kate to bail out of the stroller, he turned around and headed for the nearest playground. we didn't get rained on, not one drop. on our way there and on our way home it poured. we lucked out. the girls loved the playground and got out a lot of pent up energy.

that night, we ordered in and hung out with the jeremy ruesch clan. nice and relaxing. saturday morning, james took brooklyn to the church for a ward activity, and i went house shopping with jeremy and chels. after that, it was too rainy to do much else. we relaxed, i organized a few spaces in our house that needed it desperately, and by six, we were tired, hungry, and ready to just relax.

instead of the usual sourdough pancakes we've been doing on sunday mornings, we switched it up for some french toast sticks. even though brooklyn has had these multiple times in her life, she thought they were greatest thing ever. kendall tried a bite and wasn't a fan. of course.

the girls (+james) were obsessed with watching worms, birds eating worms, and the like due to all the rain we got. here are the girls watching a huge gross worm slither around in the covered patio.

church was good. it was the usual. it was also my last sunday without a calling. i'll be teaching the thirteen year olds in the ward from here on out. it's a calling i'm excited about and little intimidated over. i think it'll be fun. definitely a good learning experience.

the girls all ready for church.

brooklyn took this next picture without me even knowing. i love it. keni hanging out in the office, at the window. she loves windows!

laundry was done today, and not much else. i had no energy. so, we did a lot of make believe, some tv watching, and a quick run to maverik for a free drink. a good day overall. i got dinner ready and then we waited for james to come home. we ate quickly and decided to hang out outside. it was a beautiful evening. i had to snap some quick pics, but i'm sad, they just don't do it justice.

james has said that he doesn't care if we end up having all girls, and i think he means it.

we waited outside until chels and ellie bean arrived. jeremy is out of town for work so i invited them to join us for fhe. i made sure to have coloring pages and a three minute lesson. we talked about being happy. a simple lesson, but an important one i think. the girls mostly colored and played with other toys, but i got a few responses out of them. and for our fhe treat, chelsea brough butterfinger drumsticks. delish! perfect for a night like tonight i'd say. 

i love the beginning of the week and i especially love starting it with fhe. it helps me get through mondays. i'm hoping to have some more energy tomorrow and the days that follow. we're having a big cousin get together saturday evening here and i have a lot to do. there's no time to waste. but i'm so looking forward to it!

 h a p p y  t u e s d a y 

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