Friday, April 24, 2015

on the daily.

we've nailed down a pretty good schedule these last couple months and it feels good. but i feel like when raising tiny people, that schedule is bound to change every four to six months. does anyone else feel like that? maybe it's just me. but we're in a groove and i'm really liking it. my girls are more happy and know what to expect during the day and they're also flexible which is a must. one of my favorite bloggers posts her daily schedule every so often and i think that's so smart. what a good reference! so that's what i'm doing today. i think my future self will appreciate it.

- kendall is my early riser. not compared to most babies, but compared to her sister she is. she's awake by 8 AM almost every day. because her big sister isn't awake until about 8:30, this gives keni and i some good one on one time.

- 8:30 breakfast. usually waffles+peanut butter/syrup, cereal, toast + eggs. something simple like that. while brooklyn finishes eating (she takes her time), i load the dishwasher or straighten up in the kitchen/butler's pantry area.

- 9AM shower. kendall sits in the bumbo and showers with brooklyn. they love this. i play the disney station on pandora and they sing and scrub away. while they are showering, i quickly make my bed. on days where i don't wash my hair, i usually hop in with them quickly before getting them out. then it's time lotion + getting dressed. if it is a hair washing day for me (wednesday or saturday), then i put the girls in kendall's crib to play together. i've found it's the best place for brooklyn to 'babysit' her baby sister and they love it. we brush teeth + do hair + i finish getting ready, and then we're out the door. except on mondays, laundry day. we usually don't leave the house on mondays for anything until after keni's morning nap.

- 10:30 errands or story time. story time is wednesdays and thursdays and that's usually where you'll find us, at least one of those days.

- 11 kendall's nap. we usually have a quick snap before, but if not, definitely after. i'm always starving this time of the day! while she naps brooklyn and i straighten up. brooklyn makes her bed or cleans her room, or helps me with other little chores. sometimes she does art during this time too. i also watch studio 5. love it!

- 12 lunch. brooklyn's favorite lunch lately, for like the last month, rotates between peanut butter + honey sandwiches and milk or rolled up turkey, apples, and some cheese. the latter is definitely her go to. kendall really won't eat much we give her anymore. any great advice or tips on this, i would love!

- 12:45 play time. this is either time i use to wear them out, so we play outside, or go to the park or i use it to finish laundry, unload the dishwasher, sweep, clean a bathroom, something like that. on wednesdays we grocery shop. probably my least favorite activity all week. trying to do that with two kids is not too fun.

- 2:30/3 ish is kendall's second nap. during this time, brooklyn and i read books, play games together, or i do art with her. we definitely use it as our on on one time together. i also make preparations for dinner during kendall's second nap and brooklyn loves to help with that. if i have a crockpot meal than i usually don't have to do much. but if i need veggies chopped or peeled, or i'm baking something, she gets to help. 

- 4PM kendall is almost always awake by this time. i give the girls a snack and we play together.

- 4:30/5 james calls and is headed home from work (unless it's tues/thurs and he has class). i throw things in the oven if i need to, or do some last minute dinner stuff and then we head outside to wait for him. the girls love seeing him pull into the driveway. there are squeals, lots of kisses, and then keni dives into the driver's side window onto her daddy's lap and gets to 'drive' into the garage. it's the best time of the day.

- 5:30PM  i've mentioned on here before that we're like old people and eat dinner pretty early. we almost never eat after 6. so we sit down and have a nice slow dinner usually and clean it up before we do anything else.

- the rest of the evening is pretty open to whatever we want it to be. james uses this time for homework if he has any, group conference calls for school, stuff like that. the girls and i will go for a walk or start a movie. something low key. and if i haven't gone to the gym in the morning before james leaves for work, then i usually go around 7 and james watches the girls.

- 8:45 kendall is in bed. we give brooklyn a little bit longer until she goes to bed around 9:30. it just works for her. she brushes her teeth, gets jammies on, and then james reads to her and prays with her. she loves it. having her daddy's full attention is her favorite.

-the rest of the evening is for blogging, catching up on e-mails, planning the next day, james and i can talk, all of that good stuff. i've also started reading the book of mormon again. i'm doing it really slowly this time because i'm using this awesome study guide! you should get it if you're like me and really need things broken down for you. it's great and i highly recommend it.  

- by 10:30/11 all is quiet and we're all in bed, ready to wake up and do it all over again. my life right now really is simple and sweet. it's not fancy or high paced. i'm doing what i love and i'm getting to spend my days with my favorite girls. i know that this stage of my life will pass by so quickly and on same days it feels like i'll be in it forever. so i'm trying to savor it all. every crying baby, food all over the floor, burnt rolls, skinned knees, chubby hands and cheeks, diapers, marker everywhere, just all of it. it is all so temporary and i never want it to end.

h a p p y  w e e k e n d i n g 

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