Thursday, April 23, 2015

little cinderella.

one of my sisters asked me why i hadn't blogged about my mom taking us to see the new cinderella movie. i replied with, i already did, you must have missed the post. so i went back to find it and low and behold she was right. who knows how i missed that! 

anyway, here it is...

brooklyn is a movie lover. she gets it from her dad. and the new cinderella movie was no exception. she was anticipating it for two weeks. i showed her the trailers over and over again, told her that grandma was coming with us, and that she could eat as much popcorn as she wanted. she couldn't wait.

we found a cute sunday dress at tjmaxx that looked cinderella-esque so we bought it and saved it to wear to the movie. she was so excited and decided to wear her tiara just to complete the ensemble. 

we hunkered down with lots of treats and dc and held our breath that kendall would be good. the frozen short at the beginning kept both their attention. brooklyn loved it and has asked since when we can watch it again. it really was so cute.

i loved the movie. i'm obsessed with it. i loved the original version as a little girl and this one just took it up a notch for me. the whole thing was good! it was so refreshing to leave a movie with a positive feeling too. the message was clear and speaks to women and girls of all ages. and honestly here, men and boys could be included. have courage and be kind. i love it. we have a similar saying hanging above our front door that says be happy. be kind. being kind is something that i've always known i wanted to instill in my own children, and this movie is a great reminder of it.

kendall made it until the ball scene and then she wanted to crawl up and down the stairs. luckily our theatre was pretty empty so my mom and i took turns with her. brooklyn's eyes stayed glued to the screen. i don't think she missed a second. it made me so happy to see her love a movie like that so much.

i wanted brooklyn to have something to remind her of that special message and special time with her grandma, so i had this cute print printed off to hang in her room. just waiting for a frame. 

if you haven't seen it. go! it really is so good. we will probably buy it and it can tide us over until the next disney princess movie, beauty and the beast! 

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