Tuesday, April 21, 2015

for family night.

we started the day with none other than, good ol' laundry. i'm telling you, if you don't already have a set day for laundry, DO IT! it has changed my life and i wished i had started doing it the day i got married. it really just makes my weeks so much better. anyway, i got all the laundry but one batch done and got the shopping bug.

shocking i know.

so i packed up the girls and we headed for city creek. the weather was beautiful. we spent most of our time watching the fountains, or splashing in the fountains. we only went to one store and were back home in less than an hour but it was the perfect little break. and can i just say how much i love being less than twenty minutes from downtown slc again? i love it!

back at home, brooklyn did some art/pretending and kendall did lots of chewing on things, playing with/getting in brooklyn's way. and i blogged, prepped dinner, made dinner, and then we waited for daddy to come. but not before i made him stop to pick up some texas roadhouse rolls to complete our dinner.

brooklyn has been so into dinner parties and dance parties. anything party really. so she set the table for our 'dinner party' complete with a table cloth, flowers, and decorations at everyone's place. she was proud.

for dinner we had something i saw on studio 5 and they turned out so good! meatloaf cupcakes with sweet potato frosting. fun huh?! the rolls were the perfect touch. and now i have leftovers to make sandwiches with for a few days. win-win.

after dinner, james gave our fhe lesson. i told him to choose a scripture story. i wasn't surprised when he chose one of his favorite book of mormon heroes, enos. brooklyn listened pretty well. kendall was just so happy to stand at the table and everyone in the same room. it was a good short little lesson. complete with singing 'i love to see the temple'. then james was off to do a group project and the girls and i went for a walk.

they love being able to sit side by side. kendall thinks she's just as big as brooklyn. it's so cute.

brooklyn helped me make peanut butter cookies for our fhe treat and we called it a night. kendall was in bed by 8:30, but before that starts to sound all wonderful. she was then awake at 9 and i made her cry for an hour and half until she fell back to sleep. it was rough. but she was a happy girl this morning and that's all i care about!

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