Monday, April 20, 2015


this is brooklyn, almost the happiest she was all weekend. she waited and waited through errands and her daddy to get home to fly her kite in the backyard. the happiest she was though, was probably when she finally got her princess cash register she had been working all week to earn. james and i loved surprising her with it! that girl made her bed and cleaned her room all week to earn it. she also picked up all the sticks in the front yard after the horrible wind storm earlier in the week. she definitely earned it.

she was giddy.

james really just had to sit and watch, brooklyn took care of the rest. once she got running in the right direction that kite would take off and she was giggling and woo-hoo-ing all around the yard. how amazing is my in-laws yard... you can fly a kite in it!

fast forward several hours, after kendall's morning nap, we met up with friends at arctic circle to let the kids play their little hearts out. we didn't stay long because of things i was trying to accomplish before james got home, but i'd say it was just about the right amount of playtime for brooklyn.

we went to grease monkey in centerville to get my oil changed and after my experience there i'll never go anywhere else! we were kindly greeted, shown to the waiting room with free popcorn and diet coke, a play room with a big chalkboard wall, and when we left, the door held open and a flower given to each of us ladies. kendall yanked the flower part right off of hers so it didn't make it home. but holy cow! how is that for service?! brooklyn and i both are counting down the miles until we get to go back!

we played at the park a couple times during the weekend and kendall had her first experience of going down the twisty slide all by herself. brooklyn was at the bottom to catch her. she loved it! so we did that about ten more times. she is in heaven at the park. if only she could keep up with her big sis!

i forgot to mention that on thursday, along with my other sisters, we all went to get some pampering my sister haley who's in cosmetology school. she was having a 'real world' competition that day and we were going to help her win. which we did! 

brooklyn got a cute pink/purple mani.

thanks auntie hay!

saturday morning, james was up bright and early getting a head start on our project for the day. organizing a closet downstairs. he had everything pulled out and ready to be organized. it was so nice to get started on that right after breakfast. he helped me for awhile and then was off to help his brother put in some cement. they were pretty proud of themselves and did an awesome job. 

while he was gone, i wrangled the girls, and got ready for the day. we straightened up the house and then headed to meet my parents at lowe's. it was a short visit but so fun to see them so unexpectedly. we love any time we have with them.

sunday was a nice slow morning, complete with sourdough pancakes, and then we watched the giver. the book was a favorite of mine and the movie was pretty good. then we got ready for church and headed to south jordan for james' cousin's homecoming. we enjoyed eating and visiting afterwards as we do at every family event like that, and then w headed over to the cemetery in west valley to put flowers on james' great-grandmother's grave for her birthday. the girls were happy to get out of the car for a little bit.

it was another productive/fun weekend for the books. this week we are looking forward to sunshine, park dates with friends, and hopefully the tulip festival.

h a p p y  m o n d a y 

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