Thursday, April 16, 2015

snow in april.

waking up to a blizzard outside in the middle of april was unexpected, but when you live with a three year old, there was definitely some excitement over it. kendall woke us all up a little earlier than usual so we had a nice slow morning to get ready and brave the snow for story time. brooklyn was literally the only kid there until half way through. that meant she had a lot to say to the librarian reading the books and she wanted all of the turns. oh that girl has a lot to learn about classroom etiquette. and kendall, she slept through all of it.

we got home and had lunch, and then brooklyn promptly asked to paint. i asked her what she wanted and we found a few pictures she was excited about. she took her time painting the three that are pictured. paid attention to detail, though i'd have to tell you those details because you'd never guess. ha. she couldn't wait to show her daddy when he got home.

i felt guilty not encouraging brooklyn to play outside in the snow, or not even bringing it to her attention. i wanted to do something she'd be excited about. so we made cookies. her job was to roll them into little balls before going in the oven. she wanted to make baby ones. so we did just that.

kendall watched, and waited. she couldn't wait to get her hands on a cookie.

 they turned out cute and delicious. though brooklyn only wanted to eat two. who's kid is this?

james was a very grateful guy to get home and have homemade cookies waiting for him.

i also wanted to make something warm and cozy for dinner, so i decided against my originally planned meal and made something i saw on studio 5 this week.

you guys. it was good. with some green beans on the side. it totally hit the spot. try it. 

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