Wednesday, April 15, 2015

football family.

last night was so cool for my dad and my family. it was also a date night for james and i to boot. my dad was honored and received the distinguished service award as a football coach from the National Football Foundation Utah Chapter. quite an honor for my dad. we got to sit right up front as a family, eat a delicious meal, and watch my dad receive this well deserved award.

saying his thanks.

all the collegiate coaches in the state were there and matt asiata was honored as an athlete. really cool.

it was a great night spent celebrating the sport that my family loves most. the take away from the night was that football is not life, but football is a lot like life. and though i've never played the game, i grew up with it, and it has definitely taught me life lessons that will impact me forever.

here we are with long time deseret news sports columnist amy donaldson. she has written so many stories covering my dad and his teams. we took advantage of having her there as well and had to get a picture with her.

my dad said, "i thank God every day for a wife and kids who love the sport of football." and it's true, we do. and so do our spouses. the game of football has meant so much to us because the time it allowed us together, and now we have so many memories that are so precious to us because of it.

after pictures and hugs goodbye, we picked up our kids from my aunt suzanne's house. they'd had them all evening. such a huge blessing to have family that can help and are so willing to help out in these situations. i'm so grateful james and i were able to be there to support my dad.

brooklyn and kendall loved playing with addie and beckham.

thanks again reynolds and lynch families! (and manda for the pictures!)

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