Tuesday, April 14, 2015

a little monday.

ahh monday...

...laundry day...

i got the laundry started, all of us showered and ready, and out the door to target by ten thirty. hip hip hooray. we were in need of diapers (and maybe some discounted cadbury eggs) so we took that as a sign to get out of the house earlier. it was a quick outing, and we got home just in time to put another batch in the wash and watch studio 5. i love studio 5. did you watch today? did you see that grilled cheese/tomato soup casserole? i'll be making that this week. yum!

once all the laundry was done, not all of it folded and put away, we met up with chelsea and ellie for a park date. the weather was amazing. we couldn't just stay inside folding laundry. it was a good two hour park run. the sun felt so good. sad it's not hanging around tomorrow.

we got home and played, then i started dinner. james got home and we ate. according to james, we have a new regular in the rotation. taco haystacks. we love hawaiian haystacks over here, and this was a fun little change up. really good, and mostly healthy. i did use brown rice.

after dinner, i cleaned up while james entertained the girls, and then we sat down for family home evening. our lesson was on 'a house of order'. lately brooklyn has been really into cleaning her room and making her bed. she asks to do chores to earn things. and i've been trying to show her how much better her room feels when it's clean and everything is in it's place. so the topic just seemed right. she was totally into it and hopefully got something out of our short little lesson. for our fhe treat, we went to dairy queen to try their buster bars. oh my goodness. so good. so huge! and so good. go get one! we took our ice cream to a nearby park to eat them and then wandered over to the library. just a nice low key evening. and SOOOOOOOOO nice to have james with us just relaxing and enjoying a care free night. it was awesome. 

and now, the girls are asleep and i'm so ready for bed.

 i think i'll leave that laundry until tomorrow. 

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