Monday, April 13, 2015

a productive weekend.

this week felt good. james wasn't as busy as he was last week, we got a lot accomplished this weekend, and it just. felt. good.

kendall has been loving to try new foods lately, loves. does she always love what i put in her mouth? no. most of the time no. but if brooklyn is eating, she wants to be eating. it's so cute. if only i could convince her to eat like her mommy does... ok maybe not that good. the one thing she does love to do is climb the stairs. i let her do it about five times a day. i follow behind her, touching her back, and she just races up those stairs as fast as she can. she's growing so much. she has six teeth now. mind blowing. she'll be one before we know it.

the end of the week brought great things. while i was making dinner thursday night, i was snap chatting kayla and haley and as luck would have it, haley decided to come stay at our house for the night. she was there by the time dinner was ready. it was the greatest. we ate dinner, got shakes, and then made out like bandits at the dollar store. when we got home, we worked on learning a dance (something i love more than almost anything else!), and before we knew it, james was home from school. what a great night.

things got better. when i woke up the next morning, kayla was at my house. not only that, i swear she was waiting by my bedroom door because as soon as kendall made a peep, she swooped right in there and took her so i could sleep. how lucky am i?!!! brooklyn was so excited to wake up and have two aunts eating breakfast with us. we got ready for the day, grabbed some queso at cafe rio and headed to the park to enjoy some sunshine. heaven.

kayla left (to head to st george lucky duck!), the rest of us headed back to the house to relax. haley cut james' hair, she and i laid our for a little bit, and then i started dinner. we loved those rumbi salads so much that i decided to make them again. they have totally been hitting the spot. if you want the recipe let me know. because believe me, you do.

we went and got fro yo for dessert, said bye to haley, and then settled in for a movie.

brooklyn was in aunt heaven this weekend, because when she woke up saturday morning, aunt tori was here with us. and thank goodness she was. james and i have a nice little spring to do list and we were able to check two things off our list because tori helped take care of the girls. we fueled up with some sonic drinks, jammed out to some 90's hits, and knocked those projects right out. kendall even slept while we organized some things in her room. her daddy uses the closet in there and it desperately needed some organizing as well.

the butler's pantry. so fancy. and now, organized!

i think we were almost motivated to get things done knowing that we hate a date night planned after all of it. haley came down again, with a cute boy in tow, to watch the girls so that we could go out with some friends to dinner. a triple date. we went to arella in bountiful and i was impressed. that garlic cheese bread. ya i'll be going back for more. it was such a fun night spent with fun people. they must have been fun because we were there for three hours. they basically had to kick us out. such a good time. can't wait for next time already. 

with our social canteens filled, we raced home to our babies who were just getting out of the tub. we had the best babysitters. those guys. i got sourdough batter ready for sunday morning and we ended the night with a movie.

sunday came and sourdough pancakes it was. we had a slow morning. i got dinner in the crockpot, took time getting myself ready (because that never happens!), and then we were off to church.

but not before a quick family picture. tori was there to be our photographer and i'm so glad she caught this candid picture. just a small glimpse into our lives right now. i love it.

and the posed shot.

after church and dinner, jeremy and chelsea (ellie & unborn baby rue) came over for an easter egg hunt. we were a week late, but the girls didn't know. they raced around gathering eggs, or sucking on suckers. i think everyone was just happy to be outside enjoying some fresh air. afterwards, tori gave a little easter lesson and it was short and sweet. perfect for our family of toddlers. 

see? this week/end was so great. i'm kinda sad to see it go. but hoping for more of them in the near future. with summer on the horizon i don't doubt it. 

 h a p p y  m o n d a y 

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