Tuesday, April 7, 2015

catch up.

gosh i have a lot to catch up on over here! between lots of play dates, Easter, and a crazy killer assignment james has for school... this poor little blog has been neglected. but i am determined to catch up this week! 

starting with not last weekend but the one before...

and this was actually that thursday, so not technically the weekend, but james didn't have class so it sure felt like the weekend. anyway, the weather was warm so we decided to take dinner out to the backyard and have a little picnic.

brooklyn loves picnics. any kind. 

it was so nice outside! we were surrounded by our "popcorn trees" and it just felt like spring!

the next night we celebrated kenzee's birthday with dinner at my parents' house.

sunday morning we stuck to our new tradition of sourdough pancakes for breakfast. brooklyn ate almost three of them. that's a lot for her!

sunday best. in blue.

after church, we made our way to morgan for kenzee's surprise "congrats on getting into medical school" party. so fun and dev actually kept it a secret. fun for another chance to see family again.

it was a great weekend. busy, but good. luckily, kendall is learning to be better in the car or all the traveling would have been a nightmare. 

h a p p y  t u e s d a y 

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