Wednesday, March 25, 2015

a full day.

yesterday was a full day. so full that by the end of it, i felt seriously exhausted.

we started out early in the day at haley's hair school. brooklyn got her hair done, a pedicure, and the works. she was spoiled. her baby sister was a stinker. it took me putting her in her stroller and walking around the building for twenty minutes to get her to sleep. 

we said bye to haley and headed towards salt lake. i'd been really wanting to try the new swig copy cat in draper called the fix. so we drove out of the way to get a cookie and a drink. the cookie, i'm going to give a c+. not great. brooklyn loved it. i think mostly because it had pink sprinkles and was shaped like a bunny.

then we stopped by james' grandma's house to pick up some bows she was fixing for me, and brooklyn of course, had to play dress up. we headed for home after that and as luck would have it, my parents had just flown into slc and were coming over to say hi for a minute. that is like brooklyn's favorite thing: knowing a visitor is going to be at our house when she gets there. she's a social little thing and nothing makes her happier.

that evening, james took the girls and i got to meet up with some friends for a girls' night. it was awesome. just chatting, eating some desserts, and relaxing. it was awesome. we stayed so late that one of the workers brought out a tray of all their leftover desserts and let us have our pick for free. we'll definitely be going back.

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