Tuesday, March 24, 2015

rainy monday.

i always like fair warning when there's going to be a rainy gloomy day. so when i woke up today knowing and expecting it, i was thrilled! if there's going to be a rainy day in my week, i would absolutely choose monday. it's my laundry day so we usually don't go anywhere and i make the girls stay inside hunkered down with me so i can get that pesky laundry done. 

the girls wanted to go outside so bad, so as soon as dinner was ready and we were just waiting for james to roll in, we went outside. brooklyn with chalk, and poor kendall stuck sitting on her mommy's lap. oh she can't wait for the day that she can do whatever brooklyn is doing. that day is coming too quickly i'm afraid.

i also planned a meal around this gray day. soup. soup and homemade bread. james loves a good soup, while i would almost choose anything else. but this was a hearty soup so i didn't mind. plus, it totally matched the mood of the day.

kendall is turning out to be almost as picky as her big sister. not good. she'll happily eat anything off our plates, not much of it, and she really won't eat baby food. 

after dinner, we bundled the girls up and went for a quick walk. james was hunkering down for the rest of the night writing a paper for his final. one more class down! only 8 more months! plus, he doesn't have class this week so i was totally fine with him spending the evening doing it. 

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