Wednesday, March 4, 2015

the past week

weeks when james has school feel so busy. i feel more tired and i feel like there's more to do. we definitely miss having him around for those two nights during the week. lately i've been trying really hard not to let brooklyn have much screen time. it's been going well, but we definitely have more messes on our hands. she loves being creative and doing "arts and crafts" so that makes me happy.

here she is practicing her name.

after story time at the library it was raining like crazy, so we set up a little water color word station and she loved it.

because sunday was the first day of march, i felt like dressing my girls in spring dresses. i'm getting anxious for spring and everything that comes with it.

kendall in brooklyn's first easter dress. she looked darling!

brooklyn had her first time at participating in opening exercises in primary on sunday. she gave the scripture. we practiced for two weeks. she had it memorized and nailed it. james and i were so proud of her. it was surreal watching her do it though. i can't believe she's old enough to be doing that!

so much harder to get a good picture of a three year old than it is an eight month old.

it was our turn to host family home evening with my family. i served hawaiian haystacks and these killer coconut cupcakes my aunt holly sent me the recipe for this past week. they were delicous! maybe it's because they have six sticks of butter in them. yep. six!

cute little cutler!

monday afternoon i got to accompany kayla to her twenty week ultrasound. lucky me! i loved being able to go and watch and ooh and ahh over that cute little boy who's going to join our family this summer! kayla and judd are going to be awesome parents.

tuesady, we woke up to a snow storm. it was beautiful and white outside and brooklyn was so excited! so i promised her that after breakfast, some quick chores, and baths, that she could go out and build a snowman. she's been dying all winter to. 

these pictures are of  the girls fresh out of the shower. yes, they shower together, and they love it. kendall is in the bumbo for now, not sure what we'll do when she won't stay in it.

a three year old in heaven!

i quickly put kendall down for a nap and ran outside to help brooklyn build a snowman and shovel the walks. we built this guy in about four minutes. he's pretty pathetic but brooklyn loved him.

we're supposed to get a little more snow tomorrow, but hopefully it's sunshine and spring after that. and tomorrow night is disney on ice. we bought the tickets in december and brooklyn has been anxiously waiting since. next time, we'll probably tell her the night before. that's a long time to wait for a little girl. she was willing to go to bed tonight because she knows what's happening tomorrow. funny. 

h a p p y  w e d n e s d a y

p.s. i found this candle at target that smells EXACTLY like the capri blue volcano candle from anthropologie. i love it!

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