Wednesday, March 11, 2015

disney on ice.

brooklyn counted down months before it was finally the day for disney on ice. she'd studied the characters on the brochure and knew every single one by heart. who was she most excited to see? jasmine and aladdin.

she couldn't wait to get all dressed up and get on the road.

we met my mom and sister/her kids for dinner downtown before. brooklyn and liv could hardly focus to even eat. they just wanted to 'ice skate'. they loved having grandma with them there.

she was even nice enough to buy the girls souvenirs: a princess-like plastic horse that brooklyn hasn't put down since that night. they were spoiled.

cutler and kendall were so good. they were either watching the show, or being fed. i think they kind of loved it.

brooklyn loved every second and cried when it was over. she wanted it to keep going and she wanted to go home and sleep at grandma's. the end of the night was very disappointing for her. she did not want to go home with her boring parents and baby sister after such a fun night. tough life.

she's already talking about next time. 

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