Wednesday, February 25, 2015

monday + tuesday

this has been our week so far...

monday night, we all went to pick up james' car and then hurried home to make homemade pizza. brooklyn was so excited to help. she wanted to do it all. we made two pizzas and by the second one, i basically just let her go at it. she remembered all the steps we did on the first pizza and was so proud at her finished product.

kendall wanted to help too.

it turned out so good and i can't believe i've waited this long to make it. time to get back in the homemade pizza friday night groove.

family home evening was a quick ten minute lesson. we talked about love at home and played a game about guessing who does what to make us feel loved. right after, brooklyn wanted to do her own lesson. it was so cute. it took me back to when i was her age and wanting to do family home evening lessons all by myself.

tuesday was jam packed; story time, a quick stop at city creek, lunch, a few more errands, lots of creative play with brooklyn (which is exhausting.any other moms feel this way? i wish i had her energy!), a little park time, dinner, coloring, a movie, and bed. not to mention going to the gym at 5:30AM which is totally kicking my bum right now.

the quick park visit was just what we needed last evening too. it was cold, but not too cold. brooklyn needed to get some energy out and kendall just loves being outside. it made me so anxious for warm summer nights! these two going down the slide together melted me right into a puddle. they love each other so much.

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