Friday, September 5, 2014

the good life.

motherhood and just plain life can be crazy and beautiful all at the same time can't it? sometimes i forget to just stop and enjoy the beauty of it. i focus on the toys strewn about in the living room, the unfinished breakfast dishes in the sink, and the baby that seems to just cry all day long. my brain gets so caught up in thinking i have to do it all, keep it all clean, and have perfect children. when in reality, my heart and soul just want to enjoy these children and these messes while they're little. i know i'll miss it terribly down the road. so today, after a tiny breakdown at noon when i still hadn't had a chance to shower, i decided to slap myself in the face. i was forgetting how wonderfully amazing my life is. wonderfully crazy, but oh so wonderful. 

i have a bright/darling/sassy three year old who loves hard and plays hard. she wears her heart on her sleeve and never requires me to guess how she's feeling. sure, she whines, pouts, cries, and all those other darn things, but she is also quick to forgive, squeals when she's excited, says please and thank you to strangers, and wants something to look forward to every day. she is a light in my life and i absolutely love her.

i have a chunky/sweet-as-sugar/dramatic little baby that i can't get enough of. she sure changed our lives this summer when she came into our lives three weeks early. happy in the morning and sad in the evening, she keeps me on my toes and also makes me feel so loved and needed. sometimes she just needs her mommy and i'm ok with that. she has the sweetest little disposition and will jabber your ear off if you let her. her changing table is her happy place and also loves her baths. her big sister loves her unconditionally and i just know they will be best friends.

i have a hardworking/high energy/super loving husband who always has my happiness as his top priority. he works full time and goes to school two nights a week and looks forward to byu football games like nobody's business. he is always trying to better our family and is truly the spiritual leader in our home. he watches the girls while i workout without complaint and always wants to talk to them on the phone during the day while he's at work. his girls are so lucky to have him as their daddy. he would give them the moon. 

i am a lucky girl and sometimes these reality checks are good for me. they make me appreciate the day to day a little more and definitely appreciate the life i'm living. i wouldn't trade it for anything else in the world and i'm trying harder all the time to remember that. life is good, and luckily, the weekend is right around the corner!

h a p p y  f r i d a y 

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