Monday, September 8, 2014

our weekend + low quality phone pics

i can't believe the weekend is over. it came and went at the blink of an eye. but it was a good one so i can't complain. after two hours of wrestling the girls at the car dealership getting my oil changed and yada-yada-yada, we started the weekend off right with dinner (for free with a gift card) at texas roadhouse. we went starving and totally enjoyed our dinner. i was a good girl and ate one roll. that's a new record for me. it was melt in my mouth delicious!

kendall was sad not to be eating the delicious food.

and brooklyn loved the peanuts (and throwing them on the ground) and her macaroni and cheese.

eating out can be a little crazy with two, but we managed and had a great night out together. 

saturday was a morning work-out and then a race to get the house clean before heading up to my parents' so james could watch the byu/texas game. it was fun to watch the game with them, and my parents enjoyed time with their granddaughters. we got home a little late, put the girls to bed, and then james and i stayed up watching arrow way too late. we're hooked. 

sunday was good. kendall was a champ again, james and i both taught lessons, and brooklyn enjoyed nursery. the rest of the day we relaxed, ate, and spent outside. it was a nice break from a crazy busy week.

^^^those chubby legs^^^

lots of time playing on the floor, some in their undies, and i loved every minute of it.

the transition to fall slowed down this week with some warmer weather, but it's in the air. we're loving it. fall can come as slowly as it wants because it always comes and goes way too quickly. so we'll be holding on with two hands when it rolls into town. 

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