Tuesday, September 9, 2014

monday + fall faves

monday actually started off with beautiful sunshine. it totally tricked us and we ended the day with clouds, rain, and some super loud thunder. brooklyn was excited to wake up from her nap and see that it was pouring outside. she wanted to go "play in the rain" and i let her. she got dressed but i made her put on her rain jacket and and a hat. it made for quite the ensemble. she didn't last long, but she said it was worth it.

i think the weather change made kendall an awesome napper today. she took such a long afternoon nap that i had time to fold my laundry and make dinner. the original plan was to take hobo dinners up a canyon and have a little fireside meal for family home evening, but our little parade got rained out so we had to improvise. hobo dinners cooked right in the oven. it turned out to be the perfect rainy day dinner. the pie tin hobo has changed my life. so much better than just the regular old tinfoil. i also threw in a peach crisp for dessert. totally hit the spot!

family dinner is a little more interesting with a newborn in the picture. but this is how we do it and it works. kendall loves being up at eye level with us and i love that we can all be at the table together. i want this always.

^in true hobo fashion, newspaper as a place mat.^

^topped with vanilla ice cream, this peach crisp was bomb.^

this girl is changing and growing every day. and every day i love her a little more. oh the chub.

and now a little bit on my favorites right now. the things that i've been loving as a transition from summer to fall. a transition i usually struggle with (mostly clothing wise), but i've found some things to love while the weather can't make up it's mind.

1. johnson's baby wash - honey apple. i use this on both the girls and love the change-up in scent at bath time. i used to buy this at the beginning of summer when brooklyn was a baby, but i figure fall is a great time too! this smells so good, try it if you haven't.

2. china glaze - ahoy. this polish has been my absolute favorite for the past couple weeks. i almost never paint my nails the same color twice in a row, but this is the exception. the picture doesn't do it justice. it's the perfect summer to fall transition color and it's totally sparkly. i love it.

3. rose gold watch. james bought me this watch when kendall was born. it's not a name brand or anything fancy but i seriously love it. it's just the right color. 

4. victoria's secret lip gloss - punchy. my MIL gave me this lip gloss last mother's day and i always go back to it. it's sparkly, just the right hint of color, and i have been obsessed with it lately.

5. b&bw - twilight woods. i figure that since i switched up the girls' bath time scent i might as well do the same. this scent is so fall to me. it smells warm and cozy and definitely deserves a spot on this list. 

6. sweet-n-swag moccs - golden rose. possibly my favorite on the list. i love their quality and their price. the color couldn't be better. oh my gosh i love them!

i'm really trying to hold off on all things pumpkin for a couple more weeks and these things are helping me do it. i imagine my next list will include chunky socks and a new fall polish color. i look forward to it and can hold off all at the same time because i am loving this warmer-yet-cooler weather. i'm really trying not to wish this year away and enjoy each season as it comes. we'll see how long my patience holds out!

h a p p y  t u e s d a y

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